Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Angry Music

Wouldn't it be great to look out the window and see something like this? I would love to have a yard like this.
This is actually what our yard looks like. Dead Christmas tree and all. I mean really, the tree has been outside since December 26th!!!! I did see the garbage man get out of his truck and kick the stump twice and then get back in his truck and drive off. Maybe it was a dominance thing or something.
I'm done with winter and the garbage man.
Friday, Den and I made a run to the liquor store. Never would have guessed that one, would ya? He was planning a Saturday night jam session with a neighbor so we had to stock up. I read about a wine diet and decided to give it a shot. Basically, you drink a glass of wine before dinner. Somehow, I ended up drinking and not eating. I did not get skinny but I did feel the need to argue with Den a bit. He said that the wine diet was not a good diet for me, all the while smirking at me.
Saturday, we ran out for some supplies and then started cooking. It seems all we do is deal with food and liquor. We cooked a feast for just three people. But this is a good thing since it gets me out of cooking for a few nights.
Scott came over and we had dinner and then the jam fest started. Scott has played in bands for years and is really good. I, of course, put in a request for titties and beer.
I left them to play and went to work on getting license plate stickers for the cars.  The state of IL decided not to send out notices by mail anymore. BASTARDS! I realized with only a few days to spare that Den's plate was expiring. What a mess! And then to make it more miserable, they also aren't sending out notices to have the cars tested to see if it passes emissions(testing depends on how old the car is. Some years you have to test and others you can skip). No emissions test, no car sticker. I was able to order Den's sticker and Anna's sticker but I have to take my van in to have it tested before I can pay them. I partied hard Saturday night!
Look at the expressions on the cat's faces, they did not appreciate the music as much as I did. Den and Scott played well until the scotch kicked in. Boy, were they doing some singing/howling.
I thought Den walked Scott home once they deemed the night over. Nope, I found my husband standing in the herb garden out the back door. Just standing there, smiling. At least, he wasn't argumentative like other people.
Guess what we did Sunday? Yup, nothing. We watched Grimm and ate leftovers. Den was in pretty good shape considering what he had done to himself the night before.
And that's it! Did you have a fun weekend? Did you stand in the herb garden? Did you try a new diet?
Fun people,
Sonya Ann


SAM said...

That diet would work for me as I would be sick for days.

slugmama said...

I never knew Scotch was a singing aid? 8-)))

Rachel said...

Hubby and I just started a new diet competition. Maybe I should try your liquid diet! LOL

Anne in the kitchen said...

I think the wine diet sound like a whole lot more fun than the paleo thing. The wine diet and live music sounds even better!

Elephant's Child said...

Your weekend sounds more active, more productive and more fun than ours. Sigh.

Treaders said...

The wine diet always worked for me - not hungry so lose weight. And I know what you mean about scotch and its directly inverse relationship to singing capacity. My ex used to sound like someone was torturing a cat. One time he was even commenting on how people were "looking stunned" when he was singing in "The Bar". I didn't have the heart to tell him it was because he was so bloody awful - that kind of stunned - not "my don't you have a great voice kinda stunned". Oh well. At least you two didn't argue. Anna

Michelle said...

The wine diet sounds good to me!