Monday, February 22, 2016

Brave Tail

I found it!!!! I was poking around on Pinterest and I found a link on how to cut your own hair!!! Don't groan and say "Oh God, what has she done this time." Well, you can say it just don't say it to my face.
Anywho, run over to How-To Hair Girl and read 5 DIY Haircuts to try today. Basically, you pull all of your hair back in a ponytail to the point where it is all the same length and then snip once.
This is me a complete wreck. Oh and tired.
I had actual scissors for hair but they found their way to Anna so I pulled out my craft scissors and then Den found the scissors that he had in his grooming kit.
The problem with my hair(other than the fact that some of my hair is curly, some is wavy and some is straight) is that it is layered. SO I decided to modify the one ponytail haircut into three. That way I would/should keep my layers in back. Keep the faith.
I got Den involved because I knew that I couldn't cut the back. His ponytailing skills aren't the best but it lined up so that he would have to do only three cuts and the hair was the same length in each ponytail.
He cut about an inch and a half off each ponytail. He also asked how much it was going to cost to fix it. It's just hair and I'm not good at the girl thing so don't worry. He was more worried than I was.
Please ignore the tit wrinkle and lack of makeup.
I love this cut!!!! Not my face. Den was quite pleased with himself. And you want to know the funny part, I texted Anna and told her how dad cut my hair using the ponytail method and she cut her hair the day before using the same method because she saw it on Pinterest. Like Mother, like daughter.
Go on be brave, cut it yourself! Would you, could you cut your own hair? I know some women that are spending $75 a month for a cut and color. I color my hair every 5 weeks and a box even with coupons is $7. I was spending $100 a year on haircuts. Let's say that I'm spending $70/year on hair color and since I won't be spending money on cuts anymore, I'll be saving $830 compared to the women that go every month for a cut and color.
Brave or stupid,
Sonya Ann


Treaders said...

It looks great. I cut my hair only last week. Took great chunks off it. I tend to grab a bunch and hack - the back is probably a bit of a mess but I don't really care what impression I make when I'm leaving. The thing is, when you want your hair cut you want it done NOW (as in within the next 10 minutes) and as I am leaving on vacation on Saturday I thought "what the hell, I can get it sorted when I get back". Add to that that I can't make it home to my hairdresser in time during the week (€40 - $ 44 in France) and I don't want to go at the weekend, and then across the road in Geneva she charges 80 Swiss francs - $80 - I may as well have a bash at it and leave it to the experts next time. As my hairdresser always says "don't give up the day job"! Still, it will do on vacation. Anna

Dawn- Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Love your hair haircut, Sonya Ann (and no matter what you say you are a beautiful lady!!) :)
My husband cuts my hair- actually he just trims across the bottom for me. I don't fuss much and I can't remember the last time I actually went to a salon for anything! I don't do my nails at all, and I color my own hair. I buy the box of color at Walmart every 3 months for about 6 bucks. It works for me. :)

Cheapchick said...

A brave woman and it looks great! My hair is lots of layers with short at the back and longer on the front sides (reverse bob) so impossible for me to try on my there is that one time I cut my hair as a kid. Not pretty.

slugmama said...

Well at least it looks like you let Den loose on your head with the scissors BEFORE happy hour...... ;-)
You are a brave, brave woman to let an untrained man near your head with sharp implements is all I can say. lol

Having said that, it looks fine to me!

Anne in the kitchen said...

I love it when someone ventures into the do it yourself haircut world. The cut looks really good on you and if you had not told us you did it yourself I would have thought you had it cut.
I have not been to a salon for over 10 years, but have been wearing the same bob since I was a teenager (the only thing my hair will do, so why fight it?) and finally figured I could cut it myself with minimal help. (TheHub usually has to trim the uneven bits in the back). I also do the home coloring thing and it works most of the time (except for the one unfortunate event when I had moss green hair )

rivulet said...

It looks great! Courageous! I've been cutting my own hair since I moved out of my mom's (she always cut my hair before that). I usually do this same sort of thing. Bravo to you!!!

MiserlyMac said...

Your hair looks beautiful Sonya Ann! I color and cut my hair too, right now I am letting it grow a bit, I get bored sometimes. Great job!

Elephant's Child said...

Love your cut.
I too am partly curly, partly straight. And increasingly grey since I don't do the colour thing.
And completely klutzlike. Not even attempting to cut my hair. But spend maybe a hundred a year on it, so will live with that.

McVal said...

It looks great! I have NO curl so you'd be able to see every wrong snip... Unless it's my bangs of course and I attack those with Robb's beard trimmer when they get too long.

SAM said...

Dang-completely lovely! Den should set up shop.

Keri Hat said...

I would not call having your husband cut your hair a foolish thing, I would call it a very smart move. I too fired the salon a number of years back. I had gone over a year without a haircut because of a horrible experience at the salon, so I had my then new boyfriend give me a trim. He does a great job, never a bad haircut, and he has been the only one I will let cut my hair since. He is actually quite handy with the shears, and I even got him to learn to braid my hair for me. He likes my hair long and I like having him comb and braid it for me. He took over being my colorist a couple years ago. I use henna, the box and salon dyes contain harsh chemicals that not only destroy your hair, but are carcinogens that cause other health problems as well. The henna gives me great color, shine as well as leaving my hair soft and silky. I get stopped, complimented and asked where I had it done. Having my husband to cut and color my hair saves me well over a thousand each year. I love the personal attention, skipping the hassle of making an appointment, avoiding the wasted time at the salon, the insanely high costs, and the disappointment of getting a bad haircut afterwards.

Sonya Ann said...

Keri Hat-Thank you so much for dropping by.
It is kind of a scary thing the first time though. Den was more concerned than I was though.
You have an awesome hubs to take care of your hair. And it is wonderful that you have people stop you and ask about your hair. He must be proud of that fact!!!
And I agree with you that it is a hassle to get an appointment and then sit there and wait. The money saved is amazing. The money that my friends spend and the time is unbelievable.

Sunny said...

Bravo. It looks great.
Like you I think it's only hair. It will grow back. A couple of years ago I watched a youtube video about cutting layers into your hair by combing your hair forward into a ponytail and pulling the elastic out until you're happy and then cut. Works really well. Except for that one time I got a little extra snippy. But it did grow back.
I want to cut my hair in a graduated bob, you know long in the front short in the back but it looks like it would require professional help. Going to ask my Mom to help me. She's not a pro but if we mess it up then I'll go to the hairdresser.

Frances said...

Your hair looks great! Den did a good job. I used to cut my own hair all the time. I especially always needed a cut when I had been drinking. LOL! I got pretty good at it. I have a hairdresser that I love now, though I only go 3 or 4 times a year. He gives great shampoo! I would pay him just to wash my hair! LOL! I used to also perm my own hair until it go to long for me to roll it up myself. Now, I pay him to do that, though his cost is reasonable and I only have it done every year or two. Color my own hair at home, so I only spend $100 - $200 a year on my hair. If my hairdresser ever retires, I will probably just go back to doing it all myself.