Monday, February 1, 2016

Curly Birthday

I have a bit of a hair problem, I'm a frizzy person. And just flat out pray for me if you come at me with a brush, I could give the poor girl in the picture a run for her money.
I read about how sleeping with your hair wrapped in a t-shirt would make your curls spectacular. Not so in my case! I have to wash my hair at night and sleep with wet hair only because it takes hours for it to air-dry and if I washed it in the morning, well, I wouldn't be leaving until say 5 pm-ish. Yes, I really have that much hair. My friend, Donna tried to straighten it for me once and it took hours.
Since the t-shirt trick didn't work and I know that if I leave my hair wrapped in a towel and go to bed, it is still wet in the morning, I tried sleeping with my hair lying on a towel and the results were better than could have been expected. Really, if you have fuzzy hair just sleep on a towel and you will actually have curls in the morning.
I also make my own conditioning spray by rinsing the last of the conditioner out of the bottle and keeping it in a spray bottle. I just spray the areas that need a little help and I'm on my way.
So do you have any hair tricks? Any beauty tricks? Any drinking tricks?

And a big Happy birthday to my Anna! She is 24 today! Hard to believe that she is that old. Hard to believe I am that old! I hope she has many more. Can you tell that I miss her?
Old curls,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

My hair seems to all be falling out so I curse your big hair! ;-)

Happy Birthday to Anna!!! Must be nice to have had your kid when you were 5. lolz

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-Damn that was a nice compliment. Young slut.

Jeannie Marie said...

Yeppers, I'm losing hair too! I used to have nice thick hair, extremely manageable. Now I part of the side to do a bit of a comb over to make it look thicker in front. It's SAD growing old! Sorry, but I envy you all that hair!

SAM said...

Stick straight hair that I need to coax to turn under or it does a weird little uplift thing. Happy birthday to you Anna-do memories of their wee little days flood you with every year?

Sonya Ann said...

SAM-Yes, I think about when she was little and how cute she was. She was also really, really bad. She would have screaming tantrums. Bless her heart. She remembers some of it and says that she was mad because she didn't get her way. One time, she had a fit because I wouldn't let her drive, she was 5.

Sunny said...

Do you have a diffuser for your blow dryer? That should help with the long drying time with minimal disruption to your curls.
You are not "that old". You can either scandalize yourself by telling people you're 38-ish or you could disown her. ;)

Frances said...

Happy Birthday to Anna! I got my hair permed a month or so ago after 2 years. My hairdresser could not believe I went 2 years without one. I can't either! I have a lot of hair but it is really fine. So a perm makes me very happy. And I can do BIG hair, I am in Texas after all. :-) But I don't keep it too big.

I go to bed with mine wet, then spritz it down in the morning, add mousse and anti frizz stuff and dry with a diffuser. Still some work for that natural look. LOL!