Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Doggy Lovin'

Den was super excited about getting these shoes. My MIL, Donna, gave me her Kohl's cash so I had $30 to blow. On Friday after Den got off work, we went to the mall and I picked up 2 sweaters and used my Christmas gift cards. Then we went to Kohls. Den also needed new work shoes so we ended up getting the Star Wars shoes for free and spent $50 on his work shoes. Oh well, had to be done.
We also are dogsitting for my bestie. Ozzie is loving all of the attention.
We saved all of Jessie and Thor's toys(I honestly, can't get rid of it. I cry. Even thinking about it kills me.) and Ozzie is loving it. If I pick everything up and set the basket upright, he cries and paws it. It's like having a messy 2 year old around. He has toys all over.
Saturday, we ran out for bread and miracle whip. Somehow bread and miracle whip cost $85. And the people at the liquor store call out my name as I walk in. I told Den its like being a rock star. He said that its more like being an alcoholic.
The problem is we encourage each other to try things. Mike's raspberry Elder-flower is just ok. The Hard blood orange is out of this world. The problem is it only comes in a sampler case of 12, 3 are in there. I have the feeling that they are going to be calling my name out a lot more. Plus, Den's all time favorite beer is on clearance. It's $13.99 for a case of Goose October fest. Yeah, we are going to have to go back. Oh and they had Bourbon on clearance.
Den loves me. If you bring someone chocolate donuts, its true love.
This is the card that he bought me.
I love him.
And him.
That was about it for my weekend. Anything new with you? Did someone scratch your belly? Did you growl when they stopped like Ozzie does?
A Loved Drunk,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

A Clearance Sale at the Liquor Store.....only in my dreams. sigh.

Switch to Mayo, it's cheaper. lolz

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-We had mayo and Den wouldn't eat it. He's always a problem.

Cheapchick said...

Our liquor stores almost never have anything on sale...except right now hubby's favorite whiskey...with the attached small gift with purchase bottle. He is in his glory. Welcome to my world. I have dog toys all over the house. I find them in the bed (Buddy now sleeps with us, inevitable once he discovered he could jump up on our high bed) and every room. Constantly am tripping over them. Oh well, gotta love him.

Michelle said...

We live in a dry county, (yes, those still exist, lol). When I visit the liquor store in the neighboring county, the older gentleman follows me around and helps me fill a box. LOVE him :)

MiserlyMac said...

Such an adorable dog! My liquor store has the blood orange in 6 packs but I never tried it, now I will, I usually just drink the lite lemonade which is good.

Elephant's Child said...

Love that card. Truth.

Anne in the kitchen said...

"And the people at the liquor store call out my name as I walk in. I told Den its like being a rock star. He said that its more like being an alcoholic." Oh I can't tell you how much I enjoy humor served dry! I love the patter between the two of you.

Our store are state controlled so there are never any deals on alcohol. Bummer! I am just glad I don't need bread or mayo since it has serious financial repercussions.

SAM said...

Now I really am linging for summer. Mikes on a brutally hot day-nothing finer. You made me smile tonight-nit unusual.

rivulet said...

I hadn't even thought of Star Wars shoes... Thanks a lot!
My child is OBSESSED with Star Wars right now. He would LOVE those shoes for his upcoming birthday.

Also, your house guest is ADORABLE!

Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

Hi I'm reading your blog having found you via Sam it makes me laugh a lot. However, what is miracle whip? I'm in the UK just outside London and I've never heard of it. Also what is Mikes?

Sonya Ann said...

Wendy @ The contented Cavern-Thank you so much for finding me! ;p
Miracle whip is like mayo with a bit of tang to it. Trust me, you not missing a thing. I can't stand it and Den only eats it once in a while on braunschweiger. Yuck all the way around.
Now Mike's, on the other hand, is a wonderful drink. It's lovely. You should come to the states just to try it.

Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

Next year we are embarking on a RTW trip where we will be defo taking in the States so will try Mike's and maybe miracle whip too lol. Can you get Mike's in Mexico cus heading off next Tuesday so may be able to try it sooner.

Donna Freedman said...

We had a frugal Valentine's Day (read about it on my site if you want) but it was very, very satisfying.

Here's hoping I can figure out a way to make a Chicago trip work, because I'd like to meet Den. Also the folks at the liquor store.

Sonya Ann said...

Wendy @ The contented Cavern-I'm not sure if Mexico has it or not. But it is worth asking for. And enjoy your trip!!!!!

Sonya Ann said...

Donna Freedman-I'm glad that you had a great Valentine's day.
I'm sure that Den and my liquor store friends will be glad to meet you. Just let me know when you will be headed this way!

Jane said...

Hah, Sluggy, that's what I was thinking too!! Clearance sale at the liquor store?? No such thing in these parts. I'm going to put in an order and you can ship it to me!!