Friday, February 5, 2016

Fabulous Friday

49 Valentines Gift in a Jar Ideas || Valentine's Day Mason Jar crafts and ideas

I found a wonderful new addiction for us!! It's called Craftaholics Anonymous! But from the looks of it, they are encouraging it more than discouraging the habit. Those are my kind of people.
I always felt that Valentine's day was more of a crafty sort of holiday. It is certainly easier than Christmas. Do you think Den would rather have a box of candy over some hearts glued on a stick? Yes, that would be better than beer, my normal go to gift.
I feel the crafty urge growing, and we shall call it a crafty boner!
Sonya Ann


Elephant's Child said...

Go you.
I am so many different kinds of 'holic that I am losing track. And definitely losing the fight(s) against them...

SAM said...

I have pancake molds in shape of hearts. That's as crafty at home as I get. YEars of making heart shaped everything hen I taught preschool sort of did me in.