Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fried Children

Den and I had a pretty laid back weekend. This emptynester thing is awesome. Just a few short years ago all we did was try and keep Anna's plans straight and drive her everywhere. DJ was more of a couch slug but he did cause his problems. Now, we poke around and do what we want.
We went out to run some errands on Friday and we ended up behind a biker!!! That is unheard of in IL in February.
I keep saying that we need to eat down our stockpile of food and then we end up at an Indian grocery store and well, we spend $40.
This was the first picture that I took, he refused to get his head out of the way. He said something about having to drive or something.
He does have a pretty mouth, sort of like a chick. Don't tell him I said that.
The best thing that I found at the Indian grocer was this Tide bar. Have I ever mentioned how much I love doing laundry? I would love to own a laundromat. Honestly, I would be in heaven and everyone would love me because I would be like just leave and I'll do it for you, no charge. I would be out of business quickly. Oh and don't offer for me to do your laundry, well maybe in exchange for liquor.
Friday night, I spent the night at my inlaws house. I really do love them and I thank them all the time for being so good to me. My father in law just shrugs like I embarrass him and my mother in law hugs me.
Saturday morning, we got up at 4am and I drove them to the Milwaukee airport. Lucky ducks are spending a week in Vegas and then 3 weeks in AZ.
I came home from driving them and slept most of the day. I can't seem to sleep at their house. Plus, I am stressed that we will oversleep.
Anywho, that night Den made a bunch of Indian food!!!! Yay Indian food.
Sunday, we watched tv, my back decided to cramp up and then Den made fried chicken, ribs and homemade biscuits. We watched the super bowl. Well, Den fell asleep after halftime and I watched the rest of it.
Oh and I managed to squeeze a call to Anna in there. She is moving to Nashville for sure. Or as sure as Anna can be. I offered for them to come home and live here for a while, get jobs and pay off their debt. She said they would think about it. I was quite surprised that Den didn't kick me out after I made that statement. LOL. He told her the same thing. We must have lost our minds for a minute or two there.
Loco emptynester,
Sonya Ann


Cheapchick said...

Some times it takes a while for kids to get on their feet - just the idea that you offered for them to come live with you is nice, although most kids wouldn't take you up on it unless in dire straits. I do love no longer being taxi service. I will be even happier when the damn school quits calling us when my stepdaughter skips out. Legally she is an adult now and does not live at home, I don't know why they need to call us :) Only a couple more months until she graduates...or not.

Elephant's Child said...

Indian food? Mmmmm.
Children? I have always been an empty nester - though my partner is (I think) at least as much trouble and worry. His maturity is suss too.

McVal said...

Oh yum! and a chick mouth huh? weird...
I am SO jealous of your empty nest, but know that things would be much worse if we were there already...

Treaders said...

I love being an empty nester too - I mean after 30 years of putting other people first I think I'm slightly entitled. And that Indian food looks gorgeous - oh and how's the diet coming along by the way? Just asking cos I'm jealous of that food. Anna

Janie Junebug said...

We were going to be empty nesters who traveled. One of us ruined it by having me served with divorce papers. I'm sad about the traveling, but empty nesting by myself is quite pleasant.


Sonya Ann said...

Treaders-I feel exactly the same way. I put everyone else first for years and I deserve the down time. Sounds a bit selfish but oh well.
Bahahaha on the diet. I do need to get back to it though. Such a miserable thing.

Sonya Ann said...

Janie Junebug-I am sorry. You are a kind soul and really didn't deserve that. Hugs and love.

Donna Freedman said...

I like doing laundry, too. Guess we're both weird. Can I do laundry when I come visit?