Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Green Guitar

Ahhhh, one of my favorite places to eat, Portillos! Honestly, find one and get a loaded burger!
We went on Friday to Portillos and met my inlaws. It is always crazy busy in there. But the lines move super fast so you don't wait long. And that was about all we did on Friday. Napped and ate and then went to bed. We are boring old farts!
Saturday, we went to a local thrift shop. The end of the month is always their $2 bag sale.
It's honestly not the greatest in there. It's a bit disorganized but they had the heat on so it wasn't as bad as before.
It's one of those places where you just have to dig. Unfortunately, I didn't find any vintage coats like I did before. I guess I can't win them all.
Saturday night, Donna and Steve came over and we had Mexican food. I made the crockpot green salsa chicken and Den made green rice and salsa and guac. And then we drank. It was a nice relaxing evening and Den even talked Steve into trying his new guitar. He was a good sport about it. 
Sunday was a bum day. We watched Stargate and I bought chicken at Jewel. Really, we are that boring. I figure once Spring gets going, I'll have more to write about because I'll be working on the yard. Honestly, we are boring people. Could you imagine how bad it would be if alcohol wasn't in our lives?!?!?!?!
So what did you do this weekend? Did you play the guitar and drink?
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Hubs played the drums and drank.....does that count? lol
I went to Kohl's and Rite-Aid and Weis(PMITA)Markets. We lived on the edge and bought Subway sammiches home for lunch on Saturday.

And why didn't you take me to that thrift store, huh, HUH!?!?

Your older boring old fart cousin

Rachel said...

I had round 2 of the stomach flu hit on Saturday with me and then on Sunday with Jacob so that is how I spent my weekend--being sick and taking care of the sick. Would have much rather had your weekend than mine! LOL

Have a good week!

Jill said...

We enjoyed the mild weather and went to the zoo :-) Love checking out thrift stores!

Cheapchick said...

I had a boring weekend too. Went to Costco with Mom, watched the Magicians that I had recorded, read, watched a movie and made homemade pizza with Mom and Hubby, did some paint touch ups in the Bathrooms. Blah boring boring boring! I hate going to the thrift and finding nothing - but it is mostly the thrill of the hunt for me.

Elephant's Child said...

Napped and ate and went to bed sounds like bliss to me.
I have no recollection of what I did last weekend (and can't even blame booze for that) but I am seriously knackered. It is just dawn, and I think I will go back to bed. Probably several times.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Stayed at the lake house, read, ate, read,went for a couple of joy rides, went into the little town nearest the lake for lunch, read, explored a little 2nd hand shop, found a small bakery and bought goodies watched Band of Brothers during the nights, sipped wine. Thats about it. Oh did I mention it was in the 70's and blue skies so all reading was done on the deck overlooking the lake? We are paying for that gorgeous faux spring weather now.

McVal said...

I did NOT! But feel like I should have fit that in.

We LOVEEEEEEE PORTILLOS!!! My bil brings us back a frozen case from there at least once a year. We don't have one around here. Those peppers and hot veggies that you can pile on top are to DIE for... I put them in omelettes or eat them with a spoon. The Italian beef is just too good...

SAM said...

Portillo's sounds delicious. I worked a lot on a presentation on Saturday. We had a night out with friends, well a couple hours anyway-we are boring as well. Sunday went to church, had easy frozen pizza for lunch, library and while girls looked for books, I read a Willow and Sage magazine on making soap and other home beauty stuff. I have an idea for making individual bath salts in test tubes now. Will I do it? Probably not but nice to pretend in my head I a crafty. It wa really warm and we wandered the downtown antique stores for ideas for daughters vintage apartment for when she gets a regular job and can afford an apartment. Made a humongous pot of soup that we devoured then watched two movies-Grand Budapest Hotel and Railway Man Sunday night-free library loans.A pretty good end to January.

Michelle said...

I would totally dig around in that thrift store. My kind of thing!

Donna Freedman said...

I lived not far from a Portillo's during my Oak Park years. Now I get all my hot dogs at Costco.

The weekend: wrote a food review and helped a friend with her artist's statement for an upcoming show; went to the symphony with DF; wrote until mid-afternoon Sunday, then abandoned DF and went over to my friend Linda B's house, where we caught up and ate chocolate and watched some TV. Yes, I'm boring, too.