Saturday, February 20, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and A Favorite Person

What did I get done this week? Pissing myself off basically. I've got some bad Mo Jo going on here. It's been one step forward and ten back. I spilled homemade lotion ALL OVER. It was hot and I dropped it even while using a pot holder. It went on the floor, cabinets, on the stove, between the side of the stove and cabinets. I had to pull it out and clean behind it. It was a slick mess. The only positive spin I can put on it is moving the stove and cleaning behind it was on the Spring Cleaning list. I've been tearing things apart in every room and scrubbing. So there is that.
My phone has something wrong with it. The memory is being eaten up by something. I've tried to fix it but I can't seem to stop it. I'm deleting things until DJ gets home. I told him fixing it is repayment for all the driving I will be doing for him. I booked a room near Ball State and the casino so I'll get a night of fun. That's a positive.
My computer had a virus. It took me two days to get the damned thing and when all was said and done, I couldn't get online anymore. UGH and WTF!!!
I need to change over the car insurance since Anna has a different car than before. The insurance is in her name now so we have to do a conference call. Meaning, I need to track her down. Nailing jello to a tree, people.
When my inlaws get back, I think we are going to add them to our cell phone plan. They are paying close to $300 a month for two lines.  It will be $25 if I add them to our plan. They will be buying their own phones.
To summarize, I'm adding to our bills and making messes. Oh yeah, and I'm infected. I guess not every week can be a winner. ;p I'm sure my inlaws will gladly pay the $25/month. I don't think Anna will be so glad when I turn into a knee-capper.
I love this picture. I'm also going to add a link to something I like or find interesting every Saturday. Really, its just because I'm running out of accomplishments.
Run over and visit sluggy at DON'T READ THIS; IT'S BORING! Her Rite-Aid posts really do it for me. I don't know why maybe because she is working the system. It really was a sad day in my book when I heard that crappy Walgreens purchased Rite-Aid.
And that's all you get for today!
Love ya,
Sonya Ann


Cheapchick said...

That is a great picture of you guys. I feel for you, I once dropped a full icecream bucket of my Mother-in-laws pink beet borscht all over my kitchen. I was finding bits months later. I accomplished very little this week except work....but such is life. Keep your chin up girlfriend (and liquor by the ready)

slugmama said...

Love you and Den's purdy lips.....

Anne in the kitchen said...

If we didn't have a crapfest week occasionally we would't appreciate the weeks that are normal or get so excited about the weeks that are exceptional. Sorry for all the icks you had thrown at you last week. So understand the "nailing jello to a tree comment" Son3 is virtually impossible to get in touch with and you would think since he is permanently attached to his phone it would be a piece of cake. Selective phone usage perhaps?
Fingers crossed for a better week.

Elephant's Child said...

LOVE those smiles.
And your lotion disaster reminded me of the dreadful, dreadful day when the bottle dropped out of a (nearly full) four litre can of olive oil as I picked it up. It wasn't hot (small consolation) but it went absolutely everywhere. And seeped under fixed cupboards.
Hiss and spit.
And hopes for a better week.

Jane said...

I knocked over a green drink I made a few weeks ago. It was sitting on the counter and I whacked it with my arm when wiping down the counter. I should stop cleaning I guess. In addition to the liquid going down between the stove and the counter the glass also shattered so I had to clean it all up VERY carefully while cursing at myself the whole time. Yuck.