Thursday, February 25, 2016

Recycled Drink

Packaging, packaging, packaging! Everything that we buy has too much.
Den needed socks so I bought him a bundle and it was attached to this odd little hanger. As he was pulling at all of the plastic tags and freeing his socks from bondage, he realized the hanger would make for a great earring holder. He's sweet.
So the question is, do you reuse packaging? I have heard of people burying plastic pop bottles with holes punched in them next to their plants to keep them nice and hydrated. This seems like the water would sour but I don't know. So spill, what do you do to save money and reuse packaging?
Do you reuse your alcohol containers? I could build a glass house. Bahahaha. Ok, really I don't drink that much. Well, not if you compare me to an alcoholic. (Clears throat and looks away)
Sonya Ann


Cheapchick said...

All of our liquor containers they charge a deposit so we faithfully take them back for a refund...but we do reuse every icecream bucket for painting and I use sour cream and cottage cheese containers to freeze berries every year. There is still way too much packaging though. I like the idea of an earring hanger.

Jane said...

I occasionally find a use for packaging - for example, I have all of my allen keys stuck into an old piece of styrofoam? Does that count? Empty boxes go to the cats. That's about the extent of my recycling. :(

slugmama said...

And one of my favorite drunks too!

Elephant's Child said...

I wonder if I would fee better about myself if I considered the excess weight as packaging? Nah. Too much packaging on anything peeves me.