Thursday, March 31, 2016

Aggressive Jet Skis

I honestly, don't even know where to start with this one. How can make-up removers be so messed up?
I was poking around at the Dollar store with my MIL and she said how she loved these make-up removers. I use an olive oil/coconut oil mixture to remove my makeup but since I am heading off to Vegas, I figured I would snag a package of these since I have no desire to get olive oil through security at OHare.
Perhaps, I shouldn't be lazy and bring oil instead!
"The fastest and most effective way to clean face and eyes daily. The proprietary formula ensures softness and hydration. VITAMIN E. Protects against external aggressions and premature aging."
What the fuck is going on with our faces? "External aggressions" What is attacking our mugs?
I wanna ride!!!
I love sending these to Anna. Hahaha. She says she has issues but I have no idea why. Do you ever stop over here just to feel better about your own mental stability?
Mental illness,
Sonya Ann


SAM said...

Now I know why my face has seen better days. It's not aging, I just didn't have the right weapon and it was all that external aggression beating on me.

slugmama said...

So who exactly does have mental stability? Nobody in this room, that's for sure..... ;-)

Elephant's Child said...

Not wearing any makeup saves me a lot it seems. Though perhaps my face is the product of external aggression and not as I thought poor genes.
Mental health? Cue hysterical laughter. None here.