Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Basil Martian

It is still alive!!!!!! Its been plucked bare a bit but I have managed to keep my basil planet going since the end of the summer. Den said I should let the poor thing die but he needs to shut up. I saw basil plants for sale for $3.99 at the store. Mind you, they looked healthy as could be but still, we have been able to harvest a little at a time this entire winter. You really needed a basil update, didn't you?
Den and I farted around the house this weekend. Friday, we had Culvers cuz I had a gift card and we watched Grimm. We party hard here.
I swear all that man does is work on brakes. I know it seems that Den does all the work here but not so I tell you. I do the unfun stuff like bills, sweeping and mopping, sorting the damned car insurance(I had to move the 07 on to Anna's policy and the 04 on to our policy which meant a damned conference call. On a good note, Anna is doing a lot better financially and she said she will start paying the car insurance and making payments on the car.) Den took the van in to be tested on Friday on his way home and ol' girl passed with flying colors so I got the privilege of paying the state for a plate sticker. And I just found out that IL is no longer sending out notices when your drivers license expires. Just one more money making racket. Fuckers.
Saturday night, we rented the Martian from Redbox with a free code. It was a great movie. We loved it. And damn is he HOT!
Sunday, Den washed the 04 Amanti in the hopes that making it shiny will help sell it. It still runs great, it just needs a little help. Den is going to drive it to work this week. So please say a prayer that we find a buyer. Who do you pray to when it comes to the car gods, Midas?
I'm going to try my hand at planting flowers again. Mold here we come.
My neighbor never buys flowers. They dump the seeds at the end of the season back in the pot and everything just comes back again.
I saved seeds from last year in old envelopes. This may be my thriftiest project yet. Old envelopes, last years seeds, and the plant containers from last year.
I poked them in and buried them. I planted marigolds, snap dragons and something else. This should work, right?
And I found a little bit of green in the mulch. So far this has been an easy winter, I honestly, don't remember a milder winter. Watch it will all come back with a vengeance.
Sunday night, Den made a shrimp boil. He's good to me. I had everything but corn. Guess what, corn on the cob is expensive in the winter. But it was worth it!!!
And that's it for me. How was your weekend? Did you get a lot done? Did you drool over Matt Damon? Talk to me!
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

I'll pray to whichever god helps you sell that car!
I'd think a Korean god would be best in this case(and I don't mean Kim Jong-Un).

And I am jealous of your Culver's dinner.

Cheapchick said...

Corn is freaking expensive in winter, $8 for 4 here at Costco. Yikes. It must be nice to have a chef husband. Hubby tries and does pretty well but no shrimp boils for us. I don't know what god to pray to so will just cross my fingers and toes and drink to it...that should do it.

cheryl soergel said...

I wish you could see my basil plant that I planted this winter. Lots of 1 1/2in. shoots popping up in the planter that is on my window sill. I spend more time watering and moving it on and off the sill than anything else. I am determined to have fresh basil this year, found a good recipe and it needs lots of basil. Cheryl

Elephant's Child said...

I have brown fingers where basil is concerned. Sigh.
Good luck on the car front.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I love that your basil survived the winter. I can't say the same for mine, but I do understand if you let them dry out and wither they aren't happy campers. If you live in my house you have to be tough.

I buy a couple of bushels of corn every summer and freeze it. My friends mom taught me to shuck it and remove the silks then put it in freezer bags unwashed. I use a vacuum sealer and we have the most delicious cheap corn on the cob all year long.

I wish I had someone to cook for me occasionally. It might inspire me to do more deep cleaning, but probably not!

Michelle said...

No Matt Damon for me this weekend. Went to a funeral, (no fun), and the grocery. Did a crap load of laundry. Back on the work treadmill. Good times!

McVal said...

I haven't seen anything lately... darn.
There are a few out that I want to see tho. Maybe on Sunday, we'll hit a matinee.

We're Grimm watchers too. I'm just waiting for Hank or Wu to become Vessen somehow... It's ALWAYS something... ;) The twists def keep it going.

Jane said...

He IS good to you...considering all that you do for him!! :) That's the one thing I miss about Michael - he did all of the cooking. I don't really enjoy cooking and am already freaking out about what to serve my sister and her hubby when they come from PEI to visit in April. We might have to eat out 3 times a day!