Friday, March 4, 2016

Fabulous Friday

Alright, pay attention! I'm calling everything thing to do with winter over. Anything that even remotely looks or acts like winter is to be ignored. Snow doesn't exist anymore.
I was poking around on Pinterest and I found this interesting little gem at The Garden Glove!!! I was hiding things around the yard last year and plan on continuing with that fun little idea. And I think some adorable rock people would be a wonderful addition. From now on, all we talk about is Summer and gardening stuff.
Who is with me? Are you going to ignore winter this weekend? Are you going to paint rocks?
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

No we will be driving across state(at least I won't have to leave the state)....wait! I WANT to leave this state!!!

Anne in the kitchen said...

I kind of like the rocks. I have a couple of places in the yard where they would look good, so I might try this.

It is fine with me to declare winter over. Stuff is already blooming here, the pollen counts are high, and we are supposed to have highs in the hi 70's by tomorrow anyway. So bring on spring___Achoo!

SAM said...

Please let's call winter over. I'm sick of dirt and smudgy snow, and the grayness everywhere and just want some sun. A rumor has it we have some coming.

Elephant's Child said...

If you are tired of winter I will take it with pleasure. Please.
On this side of the world I am still a sad and soggy mess as the sweaty season refuses to leave the building.

Michelle said...

I am also done with winter. As far as I am IS over.

Jane said...

Winter? What winter? I love your stoned people!! What a great (cheap cheap) idea!!