Friday, March 18, 2016

Fabulous Friday

I need to make these for my nephews. I-Spy bottles are so cute. And its super easy to make, run over to Meet the Dubiens and check it out. I saw these for sale in the WI Dells last year for $25 each.
Maybe I will make these and give them to the boys when they are leaving. I'm sure their parents would be grateful for some quiet time.
What would be in your bottle?
Sonya Ann


SAM said...

Party game-it could be timed and the person has to write down as many things they spy in say 15 seconds. You could make themed ones for holiday parties. Might be fun to try at a family Christmas or Easter coming up. I only craft in my head so idea for someone else, but I like it.

Elephant's Child said...

What a great idea.

Jane said...

That's a really neat idea. I would put something edible in mine - like gummy bears :)