Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Farting Sheets

Ahhhhh, this was the weekend that went on and on. Very, very, very late Thursday night, I had to pick up Bek from the high school. She had a band concert at Disney World. She went on the bus with the students and her parents flew.
She really is a mess.
I forgot how much fun it isn't to sit for a very long time at the high school waiting for a kid. My life is much easier now.
The ducks are back. They are making good use of our pond, errrrrrrrrr, swimming pool.
And we have crocuses!!! Yard work is right around the corner and I am good with it. It was a very easy winter but I will be happy to start farting around in the yard.
We went to the first garage sale of the season on Saturday!! Just another sign of warm things to come. The last time we had to get sheets for our bed, it was over $40! I asked the woman what size it was and she said queen. And like a dummy, I didn't check because I didn't want to be responsible for refolding them. Yes, I am lazy. For $2, I would take her word for it. I promptly came home and found out it was 2 sets of twins. But I'm going to take it as a good sign. I bought the sheets for Anna's bed at a garage sale before we redid her room. So I'm thinking that the sheet gods are saying that DJ's room will get done this year. And doesn't ever young man beg for pink sheets on his bed?
And since we were out and about, we stopped at Jewel to get the free crackers that were loaded to my loyalty card. When I checked out, I got a rebate form for $5 is you bought Henry's Hard Soda. Well, hell I can do that and use the rebate money for Christmas. I had to do it for the sake of Christmas and all. Think of the children!
I think Den just wants all of the glory really. I took the chandelier apart and washed/vacuumed/dusted it and then Den put it back together after I did everything. Everything just has to be about him and getting all of the limelight! ;p
Sunday, we, as in Dennis, Donna, Den and myself all went out for Easter brunch. It was yummy and I didn't have to cook ! Hell, I didn't have to pay either. Can't do much better than that.
We went over to his parents house afterward and just hung out. It was a great day. I love this picture. My FIL said, we needed a selfie stick and Den said, what are you doing with my stick. I don't think he is ever going to be a grownup.
Did you have a great weekend? Are you doing yard work? Do the people around you make naughty jokes?
My stick,
Sonya Ann


Elephant's Child said...

Not planning, shopping, cooking, paying or cleaning up for a meal sounds like a slice of heaven.
I have been working in the garden. And can now barely walk. As soon as I can (without falling over or hurting) I will be back. I am not very bright.

Michelle said...

No yard work! No time for that just yet. Still on the softball circuit.

Janie Junebug said...

My weekend kinda sucked. I'm doing a little yard work. Every year when the tree in my front yard loses its leaves, I transfer the leaves to my backyard in my continuing quest to fill in Lake Junebug. When I feel well enough to perform manual labor, I rake leaves into position. I'm also trying to uncover the higher ground at the back of the yard so I can toss out some grass seed and watch it not grow. I hated sitting at the high school, waiting for my son. I didn't wait as much for my daughter. She was organized. I don't see anything wrong with pink sheets for a young man. You might pair the pink sheets with black pillow cases. If the sheets came with pink pillow cases, you can dye them. My son sometimes wears a pink shirt. Willy Dunne Wooters wears a pink shirt, and so do I. We are in the pink in this family. I've always found great bargains at Macy's. I bought some Martha Stewart sheets for my bed that were marked down to $8. They were originally 80+. I intend to use Martha's sheets for the rest of my life.


Donna Freedman said...

I'm hanging out with my daughter and son-in-law in sunny, ice-free Phoenix so my Easter was just fine (although I do miss DF something fierce).

The real question for you is....did you stock up on half-price Easter candy on Monday?

McVal said...

lol! my hubs would say that but only later when we're alone... He has seen only 1 episode EVER of the Office, yet uses the line "That's what she said" absolutely all the time... again, only when we're alone.