Monday, March 7, 2016

Madness Blast

Pure madness! That is all that I have for you.
Friday morning, I ran around like a nut job to get out the door so I could drive to the IN and the lovely casino and then pick up DJ Saturday morning. But I couldn't leave because Den took the keys with him. Loud and frustrated sigh. He told me to take the spare which was nowhere to be found. He ended up having to take off early and come home with the keys.
So I got on the road and drove straight to BC Osakas for their lovely Chinese buffet. I mean, if I'm going to be miserable, I might as well be miserable with a full belly.
It's 2 hours to get there and honestly, it would be worth a four hour drive round trip just for their food.
GPS says that it is a 4.5 hour drive to Ball State. It lies. It took me 7 hrs to get to Anderson and that is half an hour from DJ. There were two bad accidents and that tacked on a lot of time.
I checked in and hit the casino. I'm really trying to make the misery as enjoyable as I can. The casino didn't like me as much as it did before and I left a loser but I played for hours so I'm ok with it.
Saturday morning, I picked up the boys and headed home. They were both VERY sick and had loaded up on cold pills before we left. It made for a very quiet ride home. I was going to stop for lunch but they slept all the way until we hit Chicago. And honey, I don't stop once we hit Chitown.
The rest of Saturday included a lot of laundry and a nap. Sunday, I rushed around trying to get caught up and ahead.

I live in pure nuttiness. The reason I had to get ahead on Sunday was because Scott(Anna's BF) is flying in today and I have to get him from O'Hare. They have decided to move and Scott has a job interview for a gym teacher/driving instructor about 3.5 hours from us. I hope he gets it but God only knows where they will land next.
So DJ is home and Scott is home. Scott is taking Den's car to the interview and then driving down to see his grandmother then returning here and I will take him to the airport. I swear all I do is drive. I'm going to take a blogging break to drive people around. I will miss you!
How's this for a blast from the past? My MIL text me this pic while I was on the road! Den was 21 and I was 23. I sent the pic to my bestie and she said, "Why are you wearing your Grandmother's clothes?" Hahaha, bitch. We were at Den's Grandfather's funeral. Den saw the pic and said, "When the hell was I a hippy?" We look like babies!
I'll see you in a few days. Enjoy the silence! And trust me, I'm looking forward to getting back to my normal route.
Just a few days,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Have a fun week and I will be calling you at random intervals to annoy you! lolz

And I do think you both look better now at any rate. I didn't even recognize the people in that photo as y'all...geez! ;-)

Elephant's Child said...

Drive safely.
And I hope the sick ones had the decency to keep it to themselves.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Enjoy the week while you drive everyone to and fro. Though it is not cheap I think I like picking Son3 up at the airport much better than driving to New York. Speaking of whom, he will be in any minute now! Happy Spring Break (laundry and cooking) for all who have returning chicks.

SAM said...

You have the glam chauffer life as well I see. Good luck to Scott. Anna is so pretty.

Jane said...

LOL - love the mullet on Den!!! I think that we should get paid while performing our chauffeur duties! At least tips!! Drinks?

McVal said...

lol!! Your grandma's clothes!! lol!
Plus the party in the back... woohoo!
Don't ever look at my old photos... :\

BTW: Anna is gorgeous!

Have a great time chauffering! I hope Scott gets the job so you can have Anna close by again.

Frances said...

You are a good mama! I never drove kids around after high school graduation and I never lent one of them my car. I am so meaner than you!

Have a good break!