Sunday, March 6, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

Penny Hoarder has a new article up about How to Save Money Like a Freegan, No Dumpster Diving Required. I have never been dumpster diving and I don't think that I ever will. I think the closest I have ever gotten is the free box at garage sales. Does that even count? I do wish that I could sew though. Hmmmm let me rephrase that, I wish I could sew well. The pants I sewed in high school had crotch problems. Maybe I should just keep bribing my MIL to sew for me. Yeah, that is probably easier.
You ever dive? Sew? Do any of the things from the article?
Crotch Probs,
Sonya Ann


SAM said...

My laat sewing project was also pants-made for someone with one size 2 leg and one size 10, but a 14 size butt. I should have tried a skirt.

slugmama said...

I dumpster dove in high school for a project at school. The Science dept. club was building a geodesic dome and needed aluminum from cans to cover the frame. Best place I found was dumpsters behind bars. Yes, I smelled a bit like an alcoholic after that. lolz

Next time I am at your house we will have some sewing lessons. Though I don't do much anymore I am a sewing wiz. ;-)

As for lowering your food bill w/out dumpster diving, I buy dented cans/discounted bakery, meats and produce, always buy EVERYTHING on sale, stockpile and use bread outlets and salvaged grocery stores. And ignore use by dates and reuse all leftovers. I still think I spend too much every month tho as we eat really well. I could spend less but why live a pauper's life if I don't have to?lolz

Anne in the kitchen said...

I have never done the dumpster dive thing, but I have picked up a couple of items that were put out curbside for the trash. (Little Tykes picnic table that was fine,just faded. Little Tykes easel same thing) Now our community has a "no buy" facebook page and I have gotten several things for the granddaughter there. I have also gotten rid of several things I no longer want there.

I agree with Sluggy about buying on sale and stocking up. We eat well also but we eat what is on sale and plan our meals around it. I also buy direct from 2 farmers during the growing season and freeze an incredible amount of produce. I get great buys and the farmers benefit from not having to discount it as much as they would have to for a wholesaler. One of the farmers knows to save me his ugly vegetables. Processed squash does not know if it was perfect or misshapen and I am not telling anyone!

Elephant's Child said...

Bribing someone to sew sounds good to me. Mind you, there are so many things I would rather not do that I would run out of bribes.
Lazy and broke.

Frances said...

I actually sew really well, though I am out of practice. I made all my own clothes in high school, college and through my early married years. Then I fell out of practice, though I do still have an excellent machine if the mood strikes me.

Hubby and I did dumpster diving for a while years ago. It actually started when I was raiding dumpsters for boxes for my parents to use to pack up stuff when they were moving. I asked a couple of stores if I could grab boxes and they had not problem with it. Several times I found other stuff in the dumpster with the boxes. Once I found a case of tissue paper packs. I guess it was old stock or something but it looked fine to me. We didn't buy tissue paper for years! After that, Hubby and I would drive around and check out dumpsters on weekend mornings. It was fun and we enjoyed spending the time together. We never found any big stuff and I think the only food we ever got was jars of peanut butter that were still in date. Never figured out why they were in the dumpster. I even checked for recall info and found nothing. I guess it was okay...we never got sick. Ha! We didn't dumpster dive for very long as most of the dumpsters in our area are in locked areas or are compactors. Oh, well, it was a fun little experiment.