Thursday, March 3, 2016

Scratched History

This is one of the pictures in the bathroom upstairs. We have an Asian theme going on in our bedroom and the bath.
We scored this picture/water color for $10 at a garage sale.
It's old and the frame is scratched quite a bit.
I keep touch up markers with my cleaning supplies and color any nicks or dents that I find. I love touch up pens but I have known people to use regular markers too. It makes old furniture/frames/wood look brand new. If you aren't sure of which color pen to start with, use the lightest one and then color over it with a darker one until you find the right match.

Ta Da all better!! Truth be told, I'm still Spring cleaning and I was the one that sort of scrubbed the touch up ink off. And then had to recolor it.
I remember an exchange with my grandparents when I was a child. My grandmother was scrubbing the snot out of a small end table and my grandfather said to her, "Well Ma, your scrubbing the finish right off." And her head snapped around and she said, "IF IT CAN'T TAKE IT, IT DOESN'T DESERVE TO LIVE HERE!" And she was the nice one out of the two of them. This is also the same woman that said to me, "there is no such thing as clean!" Meaning it will never be clean enough. That same woman scrubbed my face so hard, she ripped a tooth out of my head when I was a child. AND IT WASN'T EVEN LOOSE!
I guess I can blame my grandmother for my cleaning obsession.
Do you have any cleaning tips? Do you Spring clean? Do you color? Do you rip teeth out of children's heads?
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

What is this activity you call "cleaning"? I know nothing of it.....

Elephant's Child said...

Cleaning? Perpetual motion. And it is never done. And never good enough.

Jane said...

I take after my gramma too. She didn't like to dust; neither do I! Just don't move or touch anything and no one will notice!

Anne in the kitchen said...

Cleaning is lovely and if someone else does it for me I am grateful. I come form a home where vacuuming had to be done in a north and south motion and if you vacuumed east or west it had to be redone. When I left home I rebelled against cleaning rules and deep in my heart believe it only needs to be clean enough that no one's health is endangered. Deep cleaning is a waste of my very limited talents.

Janie Junebug said...

I rip a tooth out of the mouth of every child I can catch. Lucky for them I'm slow. My house doesn't get very dirty because the dog hair covers the dirt. Although I don't do spring cleaning, I go on cleaning sprees. Cleaning one item makes me realize something else is less than perfect. Cleaning tips: Get a Roomba. If you accidentally get a little bleach or a stain on your clothes, sometimes a permanent marker saves the day. Color on your clothes! I also dye clothes occasionally, especially black clothes. It freshens them up so they don't look faded. Best way to keep the toilets clean and save money: Pour a cup of bleach in the toilet once a week.


Cheapchick said...

Your Grandma sounds like a fireball! I think my Grandma had 8 kids and gave up on the clean part :)

Frances said...

Hoping you will inspire me. I don't care for cleaning. I only ever have to vacuum and spot clean the carpet. I am spoiled that way. But Hubby was sick for a while, so I really need to dust. Dust everywhere! Hubby offered to hire a maid to come in just to dust the living room. LOL! He wasn't trying to make me feel bad, but it did. I guess I will dust this weekend. LOL!