Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sticky Clean

Still Spring cleaning here. Yay, no not really. Does anyone Spring clean anymore? Really, do you?
Ok, so I was cleaning and then I went in the frig and realized that I should have started there. Ewwwww! And being the lazy girl that I am. I sprayed the hell out of it with Windex. Yes sluggy, Windex.
Threw a paper towel on it and left.
And when I went back, it was almost completely gone. A few wipes and we were back to clean. I'm still about the lazy!

And don't waste time spraying and wiping the bottom of all the sticky bottles, hot water and soap then let it soak. Yes, that is all liquor. What did you expect, pickles?
What are your cleaning cheats? And not cleaning at all is not a cheat!
Kinda happy cleaner,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

I swear your last name should have been Portokalos. ;-)

Hey! I think that's my Twisted Tea.....don't you drink it now! lolz

Janie Junebug said...

Portakolos . . . snrft

I don't clean according to the season. It's when I see something that needs to be cleaned that I do it and then everything else needs to be cleaned. It happens regularly.

I don't believe in scrubbing. I believe in soaking. I learned the following on someone's blog or in an email: When your bathtub/shower has soap scum and is icky, put a few ounces of Dawn dish washing soap in an empty spray bottle, add some warm white vinegar, and add some hot water. Don't burn yourself. The bottle gets hot. Squirt the hell out of the tub or tile or whatever needs to be cleaned. Let it sit. Read a couple of chapters of a book, or clean something else. Go back to the tub. Take one of those sponges with a scrubby side. Get it wet. Wipe off the tub/tile/shower whatever. The soap scum and dirt and crud comes right off. Don't slip and fall. The Dawn makes the tub slippery. Dawn is the soap of the gods.


Anne in the kitchen said...

Windex on the inside of the fridge? I am a baking soda/vinegar gal for the fridge.

The only short cut cleaning tip I use is how to clean burned crap out of pots and pans. (Now you have to keep in mind I only use stainless steel)
When you burn stuff scrape as much as possible off. Add boiling water to the pot/pan and about 1/2 cup of baking soda. Put it on the heat and let it bubble away until the pot is almost dry. Most of the charred remains will wipe right out and the rest will come of with a tiny bit of elbow grease and a brillo pad.

I would not recommend this for aluminum or anodized aluminum cookware, but I have done the same with my enamel clad iron cookware (minus the brillo).

Elephant's Child said...

I scrub the shower floor by spreading the cleaner, and then standing on the cloth and using my feet to scrub. My full (too full) weight on the cloth is better than elbow grease and easy on my back. It isn't bad for exfoliating my feet either.

Jenny Woolf said...

Cleaning sda is a really good product, so long as you're wearing rubber gloves. It is cheap because nobody advertises it. And hard to find in the stores probably for the same reason.

We are: Clamco said...

I dust with the brush attachment on my vacuum. I really hate dusting.

Michelle said...

lol! Hey, I am with you on cleaning out the fridge.

Cheapchick said...

I vacuum our laminate floor, that way I just vroom around with a floor duster and a spray of vim & water and the house looks like I scrubbed it but I didn't - even smells like it. (the clear kind of vim, not the cream)