Saturday, March 5, 2016
A while ago, I wrote a post about packing everything for our Vegas trip in one bag. It was quite a popular little post. I was contacted by Juliana from about how they are running an initiative to see what people would pack, One Bag or Bust! I'm feeling kind of famous right now.
Here are links to the original post and the follow up post. We have successfully gone to Vegas a few times with only one bag each and that included snacks!!!
Now I feel the urge to travel to Vegas. Did I mention we are going in April?
What would you pack? Don't say liquor, there is plenty there! Is there anything else you can think of that you would need?
Pop over to and check out the site. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, it's my favorite part-discounted rooms.
The gambler,
Sonya Ann
PS-I'm on the road driving DJ back form Ball State so don't get out of control, there is no adult supervision here!


SAM said...

I have always had some sort of casual little black dress, one that I throw over a swimsuit, but could also with some sparkly/dangle earnings and a pair of strappy sandals, work for a slightly nice night out. I might be fooling myself about the double duty, but I haven;t felt anyone laugh at me yet, and it saves one article of clothing. I used for cruise and the Bahamas. Did you have a swimsuit on your list? I cannot be anywhere hot for vacation without the opportunity for a swim.Those that care not to see me in a suit, can avert their eyes.

Hawaii Planner said...

You know I love LV. ;-) My husband is there now, and I would love a trip! Here's my typical packing list, and I always pack just one bag:
-2-3 nice dresses (weather dependent)
-A bikini
-A cover up
-Workout clothes

That's pretty much it. You don't need to bring much when it's hot!

Cheapchick said...

Our Sonya Ann is Vegas famous now - and not for a drinking/arresting incident! Who'd have thunk it? Tee hee

Elephant's Child said...

For a v long time our only transport was a motor bike. The one bag packing is very familiar. A little (lot) crushed perhaps but we could get everything we needed for both of us in that one bag.
These days I refuse to try.

Frances said...

I guess I am a light traveler. I only ever take one bag, no matter where I am going. It is a good sized rolling suitcase, but I fit everything in it.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I am a one bag packer and can get everything I need in 1/3 of our suitcase. TheHub takes up the remainder of the space. (Can you tell which one of us is the clothes horse?) Every piece I take can do double duty and mixes and matches with everything else.

Jane said...

I think we could all save space by travelling commando! I mean, bras alone take up so much space!! To hell with underwear!!

Donna Freedman said...

Well, dammit. I'm going to be in Phoenix, relatively close to Vegas, later this month to see Abby. However, I have to go home by March 31 because that's when the buddy pass expires.

Will we ever get our timing straight, kiddo?