Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

This is awesome! It is one of the best videos that I have linked too.I now have a plan! If we are ever invaded by another country, we should all do this and take out the enemy. Well, maybe I shouldn't do it. You in?
All in,
Sonya Ann
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Anne in the kitchen said...

Funny! Is that all in or mostly out?

Elephant's Child said...

We probably need to include some butts for those of other persuasions, and for women...

SAM said...

Not to brag, and lord knows I would never be able to have this impact now, but I was out with girl friends at a late night coffee house after bar hopping one night 30 years ago. At the table next to us, a guy poured his coffee out and over his cup, letting scalding coffee run down the table into his lap. Apparently, according to his friends, he was watching me and my "ta ta's".

Janie Junebug said...

I have great cleavage.

That is all.