Thursday, April 14, 2016

Chicken Knobs

Home stretch, people. Home stretch. I am just about to call it DONE. No not with cooking but with Spring Cleaning. I know, right about now you are overcome with joy.
So want another cleaning tip? No, well you are getting it anyways. You are being quite difficult today. Pop all of the knobs and everything else off of the stove and throw it in the dishwasher. Crystal clean and NO EFFORT!

Let's say you decide to clean then stove at dinner time and go to Popeye's instead. Hey, its a good plan. Popeye's will give you a free 2 piece and biscuit with a drink purchase if you take their survey within 2 days. This is vital information! And just so you don't forget to do this, take a picture of it with your phone. Damn, I'm just oozing with ideas. Oozing.
I've been thinking. Yes, thinking and oozing. I need someone to make me some unpaper towels.  Imagine all the money I could save. Imagine all of the oozing I could clean up. They are for sale on Etsy but way too much money. Hey, I'm cheap.
Cheap chicken,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

They make "unpaper towels" already....have for years.
They are called kitchen towels. *snort*

I haven't had fried chicken in ages. My hips thank you for the suggestion..... ;-)

Anne in the kitchen said...

Fried chicken sounds really good right now. I have been awake several hours already today so I am ready for breakfast and fried chicken sounds as good as anything else. Now I just need someone to run get me some because there is no way I would ever make it and I am not ready to head out for the day yet.

Cheapchick said...

Free food? Hell ya! Just back from vacation and have a huge list of shit I need to get done around the house. The weeds are extremely high and I need to get my but out there and do some yard work - but it can wait another week :)

SAM said...

Mm-chicken. I don't know if we even have Popeye's around her though. I love your stove-my knobs are knockered and need a good cleaning.

Elephant's Child said...

If you never take the knobs out of the dishwasher and put them back no-one will use the cooktop again. And you will never have to clean it again.
Yours, dreaming...