Monday, April 11, 2016

Drunk Water

Hey, its another worthless tip form dear old Sonya! If you ever need to fill a water jug with a small opening from the frig, use a funnel. Notice the paper towels in the back, yeah it took me a moment and a mess to figure it out.
Wouldn't it be nice if the water dispenser from the frig magically started giving out alcohol? I would pull up a chair.
I'm not saying that I would slap Den, I'm just saying that I wouldn't hug his ass afterward.
What type of alcohol would your dream frig serve? Have you ever slapped anyone after having a few? I will answer that question first. Perhaps. The best story I ever heard was from a local waitress. She said she went out with her girlfriend to a bar that wasn't local. She had to pee and went into the guys bathroom and a drunk woman barged in and slapped her across the face for peeing in the guys bathroom. The waitress beat her ass with her pants pulled down and a bouncer had to pull her off of her. So spill, what's your best drunk story? Did a bouncer ever pull you off someone with your ass sticking up?
Covered Bum,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

My dream fridge has frozen dauquiris....oh wait! You can buy a freestanding one of those machines, though you do have to keep refilling it, damn it!!!

Elephant's Child said...

Mmmm frozen daquiries. Lust.

Jane said...

Long Island Iced TEA!! And all I need is one - for some reason they really knock me out. Literally. As in I can't remember what happened. So it's possible, indeed likely, that I slapped someone.