Friday, April 22, 2016

Fabulous Friday

This looks like such a fun kids project! Heck, it looks like a fun grownup project. I'm thinking this would make an awesome Mother's day present. Now all we need is a few little kids. Oh and some bleeding art tissue, sounds a bit sinister to me. Run over to It's Always Autumn and check out the project. I wonder if this would work on flower pots?
Sonya Ann


Anne in the kitchen said...

This is cool! If you paint the flower post a light color there is no reason it wouldnt work. Not sure it would withstand the elements even sealed but who knows.
Years ago I was having a dinner party and needed some vases to put green stuff in. (No flowers were blooming on account of my notorious black thumb) I glued torn scraps of bright tissue to old peanut butter jars and stuck green limbs in them. I had cheap and colorful non-flower arrangements for the tables. I also found several small jars and I did the same thing to them, threw a votive in the jar and un-matching yet similar candle holders. I dont remember what I put around the rims to disguise them. Might have been copper wire, but it was long ago

Jill said...

Oh we've done this! So cool :-) Have a wonderful weekend :-)



Jenny Woolf said...

In England, "bleeding" is a mild swear word. I hope that doesn't really apply to the art paper.