Sunday, April 3, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

There is a new article on Penny Hoarder about the 25 cities with the cheapest groceries. I'm not sure I buy that Chicago is on the list. I'm pretty convinced that we pay more for everything. Ok, that might not be completely true but for some unknown reason, this area is known for crooked politicians and for gouging its residents with taxes. All that complaining aside ;p, I have seen grocery price drop since we got an Aldi. It was a Christmas miracle really. Good old competition.
I went a little nuts when the prices started dropping and started hoarding stocking up. I've since had to back off a bit since we don't have to room for more.
Have you seen grocery prices going up or down? Are there more deals out there by you?
Stocking up,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

All big cities are known for crooked politics and taxes. You know it will never change b/c even though a lot of these corrupt cities got gambling and much more revenue the taxes never go down.
You really need to get out of there ya know! ;-)

I likewise don't buy that some of these cities are cheaper for food.
And this list was built on faulty statistics, or at least statistics that are not adequate.
They even say that it's built on "aggregate supermarket cost of white bread, mineral water, potatoes, rice, apples, cheese, milk, fresh chicken, ground coffee and table wine".
I guess if you only eat those things your grocery costs may be cheaper in those cities than elsewhere. But really, who only eats white bread and mineral water? lol Most of the type of people who eat white bread aren't drinking mineral water in my experience.
And what about those of us who drink liquor or beer? Let me just tell you....we are screwed. ;-)

Michelle said...

I think it is all expensive, no matter where you live. I have actually started using Ibotta. An app for your phone that is kind of like coupons in reverse.

SAM said...

While groceries are not cheap here, the Minneapolis area has so many grocery store/grocery like with more popping up, I'm not surprised it's on the list. Still though, in neighborhoods where more people rely on public transportation, not as many options though there is an Aldi's, a Super Target and Cub foods, plus several ethnic groceries, within a three mile stretch on the light rail route in St Paul. Minneapolis-not so much.

Elephant's Child said...

On this side of the world Aldi drove the prices down as well. Mind you, our specials are rarely on 'food' as such. Chocolates and chips are much more likely to be reduced that fruit or vegetables.