Sunday, April 17, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

Do you get migraines? I do. It makes for a very, very, very, sucky day. There is an article over at the Penny Hoarder about making money because you are blessed with migraines. Paid to suffer, why not? No really, there is a study of migraines going on and you could make $625 if you qualify and could help come up with new medication for us suffers. 
Do you have any headache/migraine tricks/tips? I wrap my head tightly with an ace bandage and hold ice in my mouth. Not the best look for me but it does help a bit.
No throb,
Sonya Ann


SAM said...

I rarely get the head shattering versions since I discovered my "cocktail" at the first signs. It is not drug free, but combines 2 acetaminophen, 1 ibuprofen, 1 aspirin, and swallowing them down with either a diet coke, or a coolish cup of coffee. then I lay down in as dark a place as I can for 10 minutes. I head off about 80% of them, and perhaps have one a year now, where I get incapacitated. My daughter suffers form them, and this helps her a bit. The trick is, you have know the early warning signs that a headache is going to turn migraine, because once the full on migraine nausea (what I get) sets in, this will not help, and I think maybe makes the overall effect of the migraine worse it adds to the stomach upset. By no means should someone take my advice-this is jut what works for me, approved by my doctor for me alone.

Elephant's Child said...

I did. I had a couple a week for an ugly year. The pain would escalate until I was helplessly vomiting. And the next day I would have a migraine 'hangover'. Since I gave up meat they have largely gone away. I don't think it was the meat - but the things we do to it (antibiotics and the like). Organic meat wasn't around at the time that I knew of. It has no been so long that I am happy with my vegetarian diet. And, like SAM, it works for me. Darkness and damp cloths did too. And still do for the couple I get a year.

Janie Junebug said...

The minute my sight is obstructed (some areas turn black), I know a migraine is on the way. I take over-the-counter pain meds and get away from the computer. The light hurts my eyes. I lie down. I don't have migraines nearly as often as I did at one time. I think they might be mood related. I tend to get them when I'm upset.