Saturday, April 9, 2016

Our 2016 MIssion and My Favorite Person!!!!!

Hey, what's going on in your part of the world? Anything new. Really, let's talk about you for a while. Yes, the focus should be on you.
Fine, I'm sure that I got a lot done. It's just my mind is mush. I honestly, have to write every little thing down or its gone.
I really do write down every tiny thing that needs to be done or the next minute, it's gone. I live by the list.
I'm getting closer to having to pay off the balance of the credit card before the 0% is gone. I think it is the end of July. I'm plucking away at it. I think we owe about $3700. We started at $6000 so I'm getting there. Who pays off a car in a year? Someone that likes to stress themselves out.
And just to make sure that I'm more stressed out, we booked a quick trip to visit DJ. My SIL wanted to see Ball State. And I want the boys to see the college. Anna would visit my SIL at EIU and it made a huge impact on her when she was small. Justin and Andrew worship DJ and I want them to remember the visit. DJ bought them Ball State Tees. It should be a fun visit but my focus should be on saving.
Den wanted to go on a fishing trip with his BFF, Steve(my besties hub). But they have family coming in from England. So it looks like they are bringing Steve's FIL and then I said Den should, bring his dad. One thing led to another and my FIL took over. They are no longer camping or staying in a cabin, they are now staying in a posh resort. Den loves his dad but don't mess with his fishin'. I'm sure it will work itself out. Either way, its another bill.
Scott, Anna's BF, didn't get the teaching job in IL. That's not cool, I really wanted them to come home. Anna said the only good thing about it is they can now make more definite plans about moving or staying in Denver. I said move home for a few months. Neither seemed real jazzed about living in IL. I wonder why. Hey, do you think its cuz of me?
The grocery bill/gas/everything else fund is dropping ever so slightly and holding. This is a small miracle.  And my stockpile is growing. $200/week is a fair amount, I think.
This stunning picture was stolen from Elephant's Child. YAY!!! Really, don't even bother reading anything here just go visit E.C.. I love all the festivals that go on and I'm addicted to the stunning pictures.
Are you going to accomplish a lot or a little this weekend? Are you saving money? Are you leaving by way of hot air balloon?
Broke and Grounded,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

"We started at $6000 so I'm getting there. Who pays off a car in a year?"
Even crazier, who buys a car for cash!?? Yeah, I'm that kind of crazy. lolz

The snow is heading in so we are hunkered down for the day. A little cleaning, a little napping and making Beef Bourguignon again. Come on over. I'll even give you your own personalized bottle of Windex to use. hehehe

SAM said...

I do love visiting Elephants Child's site-great pictures, and love that part of the world as much as the UK, though unless I really retire early, it will be along time before I go to Australia and New Zealand 'cuz if I have to travel for 24 hours, their not moving my but too far for a quite a while once I reach them. I'm cooking my Minnesota Feast today. It will be a hit or a fail.

Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

I love hot air balloons it's on my list of things to do but not this weekend I've hurt my back lol ( no actually it's not funny) we have my daughters and granddaughters over for lunch today so will get in preparing that. It's sunny here but very cold so will shout instructions from the comfort of the house to lovejoy whose clearing the garden. Hope your weekend is fun

We are: Clamco said...

Every time we get caught up to almost paying off our cc's, something else happens. Recently it was $500 in vet bills for our cat. Then the other day my hubby broke a crown eating a Mentos mint. The dentist quoted him about $2800 for a new bridge. It never ends. I love EC's website too. Her photos are great and she always leaves a nice comment on my blog when she visits.