Monday, April 4, 2016

Pickled Tequila

We came up with the most amazing Margarita recipe. Den mostly did it but I tasted it to make sure it was right. See, I am always there for him.
2 shots of the Margarita mix
2 shots of frozen lemonade concentrate
1 shot of tequila
10 ice cubes.
Blend the hell out of it. Enjoy!!!
 I love Anna dearly but sometimes I wonder what is wrong with her. She told me she got violently ill from drinking dill pickle shots. Ummmmm yeah, I could have told you that that was going to happen. It doesn't even sound like a good idea.
Do you have a go to drink at your house? Have you ever tried dill pickle shots? I'll just answer that for you and say a big no on the pickle shots.
Family drinkers,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Getting ready for Greek Easter there I see....hehehe

Anna should know better than to mix pickle juice w/alcohol!
World Market carries BIG bottles of pickle brine for mixed drinks just in case she gets another yen to be ill. lol
Why in the world anyone would drink that is beyond me.....unless you make your own pickles and have extra brine leftover and want to puke. haha

SAM said...

Lemonade and margarita's? You've got me. Anna can have her pickle shots.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I might be apt to try the pickle shots just because I am not a fan of sweet drinks. Well unless it is made with sweet pickle juice.

McVal said...

I did enjoy half an ounce of a Mimosa this weekend!!! It was free...
Pickle shots do intrigue me!

Kathi D said...

Pickle shots. Not just no, but he'll no! LOL

Elephant's Child said...

Pickle shots sound like a bulemia aid to me...