Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Throwup Fight

This weekend started out alright and then went on a downward slide. I'll give it a C- on the weekend scale.
We went to a new all natural grocery store. It was crazy money, CRAZY!
It was $4.19/lb for POTATOES!!! POTATOES!!!
We broke down and bought some coconut strips. They should have been called vomit crisps. They were so bad Den refused to give them to the animals. We pitched them. We way overpaid for organic throwup.
We also hit a few garage sales this weekend. I think this is where our weekend went wrong. Sigh. But I did get this window kit for $.50.
Instead of hunting bargains, we should have been doing yardwork. But Den did find DJ a $59.95 jacket for $5.
And $3 for movies!
And while at one garage sale, we saw that their neighbor had this SUPER COOL train set up throughout their yard. We took pictures over the fence like paparazzi.
We also tried to squeeze in weeding the entire yard, mowing, straightening bricks, mulching, planting a couple basil plants, pulling apart the garage to get the neighbor our tents, taking everything out of the shed and setting it out, cleaning everything in the shed, and reorganizing. Oh and raking the yard and sweeping. Hmmmm, and throw in a massive fight. I love my husband, he is a good man but I swear he has ADHD when it come to projects. He loses focus FAST and then takes a nap while I try and lug things around.
The only reason this weekend didn't get a failing grade was because I found this awesome Moscato. Trust me, drink Moscato instead of doing yardwork.
Thanks for letting me vent. And drink. LOL! Is your yard ready?
Sonya Ann


Jane said...

I just have a small patio and it still isn't ready lol! Well, it's close - I just need to buy some hanging plants and it's too early yet. I wintered over a geranium and it actually has some flower buds on it so that was rather thrilling. Of course it's freaking cold out today so whether it will survive is anybody's guess but the pot is too huge to keep carrying inside and out so we'll just let Mother Nature do her thing and hope. I found some good alcohol this weekend too - my favourite organic beer now has an amber beer, amber beer being my favourite so woo hoo!

McVal said...

$5 potatoes???? I think I might throw a few potato eyes in my garden and make a mint!!!
I used a rototiller this weekend and did lots of yard work. But there is still a lot left to do, darn it.
And then repeat every two times the neighbor mows his...
The garage is a freaking nightmare, so if we spread it all over the driveway to clean it, people would think it's a garage sale. Or garbage dump.
We could get rid of stuff, but also we could gain more garbage.

SAM said...

Well other than a weekend spot clean and laundry, I played all day Saturday, then lost the rest of the weekend to my back. Does your husband know mine? Our yard is a wreck, still unkept from last fall. So I guess mine was an averaged out C, but I think I'll reserve the - because Saturday with my daughter and her friend was just so nice.

Cheapchick said...

Mmm Moscato - definitely required to get yard work done. I won't step foot in those expensive organic stores, if I want crap that tastes like shit there is doggy doo doo in the back yard lol, way cheaper :)

Wendy @ The contented Cavern said...

Hmm I must confess I do buy a lot of organic fruit and veg and if I'm having any meat it's always organic and grass fed. It always tastes good but I'm never sure if I'm wasting my money or not. I just hate the idea of consuming antibiotics/ hormones/ pesticides and whatever other shit they pump animals full of. I don't eat masses of meat but it's always organic and stuff like milk butter cheese etc too. We don't eat out much and are careful with other spending so I guess this is my thing. What's that moscato? Looks good