Monday, April 18, 2016

Triangle Gringos

This is a great gringo tip. If you are Hispanic, well you know this already and the gringos look like they have been left out of the loop for a while.
Do you love tortillas but they get stale and hard too soon?
Wrap your hard tortillas in a paper towel, make sure they are completely covered. Place them in a gallon baggie and nuke them. I start at 30 seconds and then work my way up until they are hot and not stale. Better than new!
Do you buy vats of Salsa Verde? I do. But it runs out like soup on your food.
A small triangle cut in the safety cover and I'm not eating salsa soup. And if you are looking for an amazing crockpot chicken recipe, go here!!! It is one of our go to meals now!
Do you eat a lot of Mexican food? Do you have any food cheats?
Verde with envy,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

I want to try a recipe for Tex-Mex Cheese Enchiladas....yah, I know you'd have to do beef or chicken. The sauce is NOT tomato based for these, just spices and chiles.
And I saw a similar trick for prepping corn know how you have to heat them in oil to get them pliable?....just brush with oil lightly, stack and cover with paper towel in the microwave and voila!

And you said HARD *snicker*

Cheapchick said...

In Canada we cannot get fresh tortillas, a few years ago corn tortillas were almost impossible to come by although now we can get them. I can only by Salsa verde in tiny little jars at a really high rate - and I love Mexican food. Every time we go to the states all we do is eat Mexican food :)

Anne in the kitchen said...

Clever idea to cut the triangle in the safety seal. I can't tell you how much I have wasted by over pouring. Wow and it only took me this long in life to see a solution.

Jill said...

Great tips! :-) Always love finding new crockpot meals, thanks for sharing.


Elephant's Child said...

Mexican food doesn't often cross my radar. Perhaps it is time it did.

SAM said...

We love Mexican inspired food. I say that because my kids point out regularly that we do not eat authentic Mexican food. I buy half of it on the west or East side of St Paul, from first, 2nd, and third generation Mexican American owned grocers and deli's, so it is authentic to me. I'm with Anne in the Kitchen-learned a new trick and am slapping my forehead for never thinking of it before.