Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Glowing Pool

Doesn't this look so inviting? Makes you just want to dive right in. Nope.
This was a weekend of work, more yard work and pooling.
The garden is overgrown again. But the good news is we have most of the plants/figures/crap in place. We also have a bunch more projects ahead of us. I think Den is going to deck over the front cement stoop. It's a train wreck and it is really making the house look run down. And oh so many bushes need to be trimmed.
By Saturday, we had the pool water to the color of antifreeze. It's a process, people.
I went a bit ape-shit last year with the solar lights. I had them lining the deck but it was a bit overwhelming. And quite a few didn't make it through the winter. So Den suggested I throw them in a basket that way we could move them to where ever we needed light. An old basket, a plastic bag, an old Styrofoam cooler, and some pool sand and voila........................
a basket of glow! He has his moments.
His buddy Scott came over Saturday night to jam. It was a pretty tame night, neither one ended up smashed or standing in the herb garden.
Sunday, the pool water was getting closer to looking like water. We spent the rest of the day, pulling weeds, buying crap for more projects, staining the back deck and bench. We are exciting people!!!!
We like to have everything up and running in the yard by the end of Memorial day weekend but since we have a wedding to go to next weekend, we had to get a jump on everything.
What did you do this weekend? Does your water look like water?
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

My yard is a disaster....please come fix it!

I am just overwhelmed at the moment. So overwhelmed I just can't seem to see an end to all the work.
Is it 5 o'clock yet?

Anne in the kitchen said...

My pool looks like swampwater right now, but in about a week it will be better__I hope!

SAM said...

I feel exactly the same. I'm ready to do nothing at end of day. The list gets longer and the mitivation grows shorter.

Cheapchick said...

We have no pool, does a doggy water dish count? It sometimes has bugs floating in it...I am sure you can relate :)

Elephant's Child said...

Love the glow basket. And am super impressed at the work you two do. I am lazy. Very lazy.

Michelle said...

I've been working on landscaping, flowers, and the vegetable garden. However, our pool is still greenish! lol Haven't started on that yet. Only used it twice last year. Debating about not opening it :(

rivulet said...

Wow, that pool brings me back! I grew up with a pool and a deck JUST like that. And it looked exactly like that before photo every spring too. Actually my two younger brothers used to jump in that muck every spring as soon as it warmed up just enough to not freeze to death by doing so. They always got in trouble but it sort of became a joke so they kept doing it.

We are: Clamco said...

The basket of solar lights....genius!