Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Long, Tired, Kiss

So what did you do this weekend? Please tell me that you kicked back and had an enjoyable long weekend! We don't do that here. EVER.
Late Friday and quite a bit on Saturday, we worked on the yard. The pool is still a lovely milky color. I guess that is better than swamp-much green but clear would be nice.
Yard work and a few late nights with friends and you get this picture of your son. Den said it looks like he is trying to air out his nuts. BEST PARENTS EVER!
Saturday night, we went over to Donna and Steve's house for a wonderful barbecue and tons of cocktails. Then a lovely walk home if the rain. Don't drink and drive-walk and be miserable.
Sunday, we headed to Milwaukee. We stayed at Potawatomi hotel and casino. It was a beautiful room with a to die for view but for $180, I doubt that we will ever stay during a holiday weekend again.
That is Alex and his new bride Michelle. Hard to believe but I have known Alex since he was 3 and I even babysat him. Yup, I'm old. They moved into the house right next door 2 months after we moved in. That kid is like my own.
Let's just say that a great time was had by all! I am so glad that we stayed the night. I have to say that this was the best wedding that I have ever been to. When it got dark out, you could see the Milwaukee skyline all lit up and it was beautiful. Mental note for Anna, perhaps?
This is Lauren, Alex's mom. She was so drunk and quite funny. We sat at her table. Yes, we felt a bit special.
And then things went downhill from there. LOL. That is John, Lauren's boyfriend. He seems like he is enjoying that a bit too much

And last but not least, that is Scott. He is the one that has Greek Easter. And the one that Den plays the guitar with. Den was quite loving. He's such a dork.
Monday, we hung out at the casino and grabbed a bite to eat. Gambled for a while. How I wish that I would say we won but all things considered, I think we were down $30 between us. I think that counts almost as a win up there. Then we headed home and I did piles of laundry. Quite the let down.
All I need is another long weekend to recover. How about you?
Sonya Ann


Practical Parsimony said...

I did nothing except endure a sinus headache on Sunday and shopped for a mattress on Monday. It appears lots of people up your way had fun.

slugmama said...

Ooooh! So Scott is really Greek Easter Scott.
That 'splains alot!! lolz

You look lovely in blue...

Cheapchick said...

Sounds like a fun weekend though! I haven't been to a wedding in ages - most people I know are getting divorces instead...getting old sucks!

McVal said...

Wow! He DOES like nibbling ears! You are so lucky.

We've got a wedding in Chicago in a couple weeks. COME ON DOWN! You can crash it!

SAM said...

We had the work weekend at the lake that was expected. Too much drinking an obnoxious loud mouths from the relatives I expected, and we made an early departure Sunday night and spent a blissful Monday tending to our own circus.

Treaders said...

My God I don't know where you get your energy from - but good on ya! Anna

Elephant's Child said...

You are always so busy. Put my lazy self to shame. Glad you found time for fun too.

Janie Junebug said...

I'm so glad you could go to a wedding and feel special. Yeah, I think your kid is trying to dry out his nuts. I like those fingers up in the air, too. On Sunday, my son and I had lunch together. Then we went grocery shopping. Then I grilled burgers and corn. Willy Dunne Wooters joined us for dinner and told a hilarious story about how he learned to play double-deck pinochle. I spent almost all day with the Wooters man yesterday, as it was our anniversary. He hugged me and kissed my neck, which is as romantic as he gets. That's fine. He sticks. He doesn't run.