Sunday, May 22, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

Ahhhh, lazy Sundays, I like to find some time to poke around the internet and chill. Over at the Penny Hoarder, they have compiled a list of the best 26 Internet Freebies. Sending for free stuff is a much better use of time than say yard-work, right?
I only send for the things that I will need/use. How about you, do you send for everything, a few things, nothing?
Spill and chill,
Sonya Ann


Cheapchick said...

I send for the odd freebie, only what I will use myself or save it for my Stepdaughter or Mom.

slugmama said...

The Penny Hoarder link is broken.
Me? I'm just broke after last week.

Elephant's Child said...

No Penny Hoarder link. Proof that nothing is free. Sigh.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Oh well, at least I tried to find it!

Jill said...

Wait there is such a thing as lazy Sundays??? How do I not know this? LOL! Enjoy!


Donna Freedman said...

You know my feelings on the subject: If it's free, it's for me. I send away for just about everything, on the theory that if I can't use it or put it in someone's stocking then the shelter probably needs it.