Saturday, May 21, 2016

Our 2016 Mission And Our Favorite Person

Well, good morning!!!! I guess this is the day I fess up to what I have done this week. Good, bad? We shall see.
I half-assed worked on the insurance. My lovely Aunt(Hi Aunt Ruby!!) told me about U.S.A.A. You have to be military or related. Since my father isn't alive, we can't sign up under him. But my FIL was in the military so I'm going to suggest it and then if he signs up, we can too.
I worked on our property taxes. We were the highest paying home in the subdivision. Bastards. I guess our money taste better than everyone else's. Sigh. I called and politely argued. Den told me to start with nice. Why does he think that he has to remind me of these things? Dumb ass, I know this already and have great manners! ;p Anywho, come to find out we never got a $6000 deduction the entire time that we lived here. Lucky us! We now get the deduction which will save us $700ish a year off the bill. We lost about $10k in the 21 years we have lived here. Ouch. I'm going to try and fight to get the bill lowered as well. But I can't do that until June. Nothing like stretching out a fight.
We have been working on the yard. For some reason, it seems to take longer and longer every year to get it in shape. We either have more things every year or we are getting older. Ha ha, I was at the bread store one day this week and they had a sign out that if you were 50+ you got a senior discount. I thought about how old that was and then realized I'm 6 years away. HOLY SHIT, BATMAN! I'm pushing 50. Oh well, I still have perky tits so I'm cool with it.
And my favorite person is $12 a day!!! She fights the good fight with money. I love how she tracks it and is so honest about it. And she is in MI and the weather is still cold. I feel her pain.
Have a great and frugal weekend! What are your plans? Planting? Yard work? Saving money?
In the dirt,
Sonya Ann


Rachel said...

Weekend plans--- cleaning house, keeping kids from fighting with each other, laundry, etc. Although I should say that is not just weekend plans, those are everyday plans. LOL Hope you have a good weekend!

We are: Clamco said...

Good for you for getting your taxes lowered! That's a lot of money you'll be saving.

SAM said...

So sweet to choose Rivulet-love that youngster. Hey, I am 50 and decades ago my girls weren't perky, so kudos to you. Just blogged myself and now about to do more laundry and clean the kitchen spotless-well clean it to Sam standards at least.

Elephant's Child said...

Congratulations on the tax front.
I am older than dirt, and will be playing in it this weekend...

rivulet said...

Awe I feel SOOO special :) Thank-you

I echo your sentiments on the yard. Spring clean up seems considerably longer each year!

OH MY GOODNESS on the tax bill! That you were able to figure out that your bill should have been lower and then get it lowered; You're a superhero!!!

in the dirt again here too.

Cheapchick said...

My nails have dirt under them all the time now, damn weeds. It seems like we have done more this year than any other too - what the hell! Oh well, it looks good - at least until it stops raining and then they stop us from watering the lawn due to low water level in the town reservoir. Any savings in tax is a victory. I wonder why they never offered it to you before.