Saturday, May 28, 2016

Our 2016 Mission And Our Favorite Person

Well, well, well what have I been up to? Everything and nothing.
I think we about have the yard together. That is a big one. A couple of bushes to trim and getting the pool clear. DJ and my besties daughter are already looking forward to having parties. Me, all I want is clear water. 
I haven't posted about Christmas money yet this year!! I got an entire $5 from I don't know who. I must have sent for a liquor rebate and forgot about it or perhaps I was not sober. Anywho, I now have $5!!!

$5  Liquor Rebate
$5 total
That is pretty sad looking but I have to hit 25000 points before I can cash out for $250 on my credit card. I also have My Points that I can cash out and a few other things.
I also have more than half of my shopping done so that's a plus.
Pretty boring here and that's a good thing.
And our favorite person of the day is....................................................
NDChic'sCents!!!! Pop over and say hi to her maybe even give her a hug.
Have an awesome long weekend!!!! Do you have any amazing plans? Cocktails?
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

$5 huh?

I was reading the title of this post and thought....."My Mission for 2016 is just to survive it at this point."
How's that for sad? ;-)

Anne in the kitchen said...

Your Christmas savings look about like mine. Maybe I will just give gifts from the oven this year. I think I have about 10 bags of chocolate chips in the freezer. Cookies for everyone!

I hear and second the green water wish! I forget every single year what a pain the first week is. #whydidntidothisearlierinmay

Cheapchick said...

Yes, sometimes boring is good :) It is raining here, no plans this weekend unless I decide to do some company work, the hazard of self-employment. Maybe some reading. It is raining so likely some treadmill. Maybe fix us some chicken salsa soup. Create a packing list for our trip. Bloody hell I have a lot to do!

Elephant's Child said...

The purportedly chinese curse 'may you live in interesting times' has always struck me as vicious.
You have bought Christmas gifts already?
Slinking back into the woodwork in shame.