Thursday, June 2, 2016

3 Punches

It comes in 3's, right?
This is my lovely computer and printer. My printer is OLD but it still can print a coupon with the best of them. Well, sometimes. Other times, it has a bit of a tantrum. Have you ever heard of percussive maintenance? After fighting with it for over an hour or so, I slammed my fist down on it. I'll be damned, it straightened right up and I got my coupons!
Remember how I lovingly took care of my basil plant all through the winter? Well, it died almost as soon as I planted back in the same spot I dug it up from last year!!! I'm thinking maybe hitting about the head and neck area will get it back in working order.
And last but not least, I am going to knock the snot out of someone from UGH!!! I have been going round and round with them. My old filter is the blue one. The replacement is the white one. See the problem?
The first email I sent out was how it didn't fit and the frig sprays water everywhere and then kicks it out. They responded by asking for more info on the frig and the filter. Ok, I fired it off and then they responded with, "Have you tried to see if it will work or not?" WTH!?!?!? READ THE EMAIL!!! So I have now resorted to taking pictures and sending detailed emails as to why it doesn't fit. I have the feeling I just lost $40+ on a useless filter.
Do you hit things? Do you hit people?
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

I think the solution to both our problems is to run away into the woods with no electronics or modern inventions but plenty of liquor.
I'm READY!!!

Practical Parsimony said...

Once, years ago, when I was having a problem with my sewing machine that I could not fix, I just whacked it with my scissors as I stomped away. Five minutes later, I came back and it worked.

When I am angry, I tend to throw sofa pillows to the floor. I haven't done that in years because it hurts my shoulder too much.

Anne in the kitchen said...

What I generally do when confronted with things beyond my control, wonky machinery or buffoonery is to drink 1 or 3 martinis and engage in heavy cursing. It may not help anything but it makes me feel better.

Elephant's Child said...

Sigh. All too familiar. And at an hour before dawn it is too early (I think) to have a drink.

SAM said...

Let's all create an escape hatch to some remote shelter that the last one who uses it keeps heavily stocked for the next escapee. Today was a good day, but my turn will come. Red or White tonight? (just to be on the safe side)

We are: Clamco said...

Percussive maintenance. lol. Love that one. When I hear a vibration or buzz in my car, I do that...all around the dashboard and I open and close the the glove box...bam, bam bam! sometimes it helps, sometimes not. lol