Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bare Car

This is not me. And it is not my fish.
This was a boring weekend. Friday, I ran errands and enjoyed my last night without Den. Errrrr, I mean, I longed for my loving husbands. Yeah, that's the ticket.
That's a picture of Den's Dad with a slimy fish. He said they had a blast and his dad booked the cabin for 2 weeks next year. I bet Den saves most of his vacation time for that trip.
My friend Donna had her parents in from England for the past few weeks. So her husband, Steve, and her dad Gerald went up to the cabin on Wednesday. Den's mom went the beginning of the week and left before Steve and Gerald got there. I'm not going to say that the boys drank. I will say that it seemed there was quite a bit of sleeping it off.
My very tired and cranky husband got home late afternoon on Saturday. He did remember to pick up the police report so I can start trying to sort that mess. Not yay.
He brought back a messy van too. But my only consolation is he is now driving it since his car we aren't real sure is road worthy. You hit 40 in that sucker and its quite shaky. My brain says, its a bit fucked up.
I've been working on the yard diligently. I started doing mounds of stinky laundry after he got home and then went back to the yard. I think he felt bad and decided to "help" me.
 As he was trimming the front bush, I mentioned how it was growing out and overtaking the sidewalk. So he lopped off a hunk right in front and then told me this is how the entire thing will look. Believe it or not, I held my tongue and went and text my bestie. She said her hubs had done the same thing a week earlier and said her shrub looked like the ass-end of a dog.
I now have a hunk of bush to camouflage before the 4th of July party. Do you think Pinterest has anything? I may shove a plant in it. LOL
Sunday, guess what I did? Yup more yard work and worked on the pool. I figure if I plug along at it every day, I won't be overwhelmed by the 4th.
Did you do laundry this weekend? Did you take out your aggression on a bush?
Sonya Ann


Cheapchick said...

My husband "trimmed" our cedars last year just like that - looked like hell for a whole year. They finally look normal again. He now says he wants to trim things just to piss me off :). You guys and vehicles, how about getting electric bicycles instead? Less to go wrong with. Might be a tad slower - oh wait, can't go over 40 in the car any way lmfao

Treaders said...

My ex' idea of "pruning" was hack the hell out of it and see what happens. Usually nothing! Anna

Anne in the kitchen said...

I have a couple of shrubs at the front of the house that look similar to yours. I think we need to wait till fall, dig them up and just start some new ones, or cut them to the ground and have the whole front of the house look like some gapped tooth smile. I guess this is technically a first world problem,

Practical Parsimony said...

People like to lop the wrong thing off, so now I lop, they carry. Yes, I would put a plant in it.

Elephant's Child said...

Testosterone driven pruning is always a scary thing...

SAM said...

what is it with men and over cutting shrubs. Mine were hacked all up, and new ones were supposed to be planted. that was two years ago and now I still have scraggly stubs form the evergreen shrubs. Fortunately the Spirea were smarter than him, and have come back, though need a proper trimming-I'm scared he'll go nuts on them again.

I remember you talking about your English friends-love the English and hope to join their revelry in my older age!

Janie Junebug said...

I did laundry and plenty of it because Penelope threw up on my bed early Saturday morning. It soaked through the bedspread and the sheets all the way down to the mattress pad even though I got the spread off as soon as she was done barfing. She seems to feel better today. I've been worried about her and considered a trip to the vet, but I know the problem and I think I know how to solve it. When I lived in Maryland, I had a bunch of big, very nice houseplants. X asked me if I wanted him to trim my houseplants. No, I said. I like my houseplants, I said. A little while later he trimmed my houseplants and my African Violet died! That kind of man does not deserve a treasure like me.


Michelle said...

My husband like to use a chainsaw to "trim". I am sure you can guess how that always goes....

Jill said...

Well you can always spray paint the hedges green until they grow back, lol ;-) I have to give Jerry credit here we are both particular about cutting shrubs, trees, etc..... maybe too particular, lol. Have a good night!