Saturday, June 11, 2016

Our 2016 Mission And Our Favorite Person!!!

Does running around like a lunatic counts as an accomplishment? I'm ok with putting it in the accomplishment category. Show of hands, please.
Let's see what did I get done this past week. Den and I went to the dentist and our choppers are A OK. I made a doctor's appointment. Made an Orkin appointment. And I argued with the idiots at Harbor Fleet about their crappy, crappy warranty.
I have also spent more time fighting with the pool. Oh and did I add overspending the budget on more chemicals. I am really hoping to have it clear when it ices over. Do I sound sarcastic? Or does it sound more like defeat?
I've done pretty good at holding the electric and the gas bill down. The good and bad news is the temperature is going way up here. I love the hot weather but not the bill. I'm hoping that I can hold the bill down and save some for more chemicals. I really should stop complaining about the pool though. Friends of ours had their pool collapse last week. I would cry. I have to say that I have reoccurring nightmares about ours falling down. Scary and expensive.
I'm in a holding pattern over the home and car insurance until we get Den's car paid for and figure out what  car  DJ is driving. And if we are getting another one. The good news is Anna's is paying her car insurance and repaying us for the car so that helps. I have 3 payments left on the cell phones and that will free up another $100ish a month. Now if we would just stop eating, we would save a ton of cash. ;p
Did you accomplish much this week? Get anything paid off?
And our friend for the day is Rachel over at Living Better One Day At a Time!! How awesome is it they can go hiking and there are WATERFALLS!!!! I would love to do this, well minus the snakes. Just don't point them out to me. Ignorance is bliss. Does that go for snakes too?
Happy weekend,
Sonya Ann


Practical Parsimony said...

I must have done something this last week because I was terribly busy.

SAM said...

If I just didn't have kids, or a husband, I'd be saving so much money. Yesterday was a scorcher and today is supposed to be hotter. We passed neighbors with a kiddie pool and I was so envious we may get one just for the deck and a little quick cool off. Cheers to your green water clearing up. cheers.

Anne in the kitchen said...

We finally have clear water, well clear with all the crap that blows into it daily. We have only 2 very small trees in our back yard, but our neighbors are generous and share the crap from their tree with us all summer.

Elephant's Child said...

Waterfalls? Colour me jealous.

Janie Junebug said...

When you fight with the pool, does it splash you? How do you get revenge? I rarely accomplish anything.