Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Smoked Lady

It was another crazy busy weekend that flew by. Why does that happen?
How pretty is that picture? Aldi had smokers on sale for $99.99 so I got one for Den for Father's day. I figure it was the best present that I could get myself him.
It was heavy and massive and I didn't really have anywhere to hide it so he got it now.
My sister in law, Cindy came in with Justin and Andrew. Maybe  they are the reason that the weekend seemed crazy.
Andrew got skates from Grandma. I'll give him credit, he tried for all he was worth. But it was very worrisome the way that he fell every few seconds. Didn't faze him in the least. Boys!!!

Justin spent his time attacking DJ. DJ really brings out the best in people. The boys would yell, "PUNCH HIM IN THE ACORNS!" And then DJ would try and defend his bits. I rather enjoyed it.
Saturday, we did a bit of garage saling. The little lady was $4. She will be just lovely in the garden behind the house. I want to hang my "shield" on the fence. Den wants to use it for a costume. For now, it is just sitting next to the garage until we decide its fate. And my little ball was an entire $3.
Then things got a bit crazy.

I can't even remember how old our washer and dryer is. But the dryer was on its last dry. It sounded like someone was grinding metal when it kicked on. And guess what, it didn't dry so well either. The washing machine was doing ok, or so I thought.
When we were garage saling on Saturday, we saw this pair for $200! At first, I said just buy the dryer and Den said I was nuts not to get both. New each one cost $950 without taxes. The washing machine even has an App for your phone!
I can't believe the difference in how the clothes feel after being washed. And it uses less water than our last washing machine so I hope to see a savings on the water bill. Plus it self adjusts so you never waste water. And it washes three times the amount of clothes as our last washer. Heaven I tell you!
Our last dryer was gas which is cheaper. The new one is electric but it drys everything in about a third of the time so I bet I come out ahead.  And when they shut off, they chime. DJ said it sounds adorable.

On Sunday, I happily did laundry. Den smoked meat that we bought at Gordons. I wasn't sold on this place. Some prices were way to high, some fair and some decent. You really have to know your buy prices. But the meat was a decent price and Den needed to smoke something! He was happy about getting to smoke something on Sunday but not so happy about doing DJ's brakes. It never ends, I tell ya.
So did your weekend fly by? Did you smoke something?
Sonya Ann
PS-Run over to sluggy's and tell her you want me to win her giveaway! Well, you should enter too but tell her I should win. ;p


Practical Parsimony said...

Nothing smoking here, but that is an amazing deal on the washer and dryer.

slugmama said...

Great deal on the laundering appliances and so snazzy looking too!
Nice self-gifting on the smoker. lolz

My weekend was cleaning and moving shit. I'll be so glad when this is all over and I can go back to sitting and drinking.

Cheapchick said...

Oh my god that was such a great deal on appliances! OK, Den was totally right, had to buy both. I wish I could find a deal like that. Ours are original to our house and although HE (10 yrs old)they are ok for now but I have started an appliance fund for when we need to replace them. So jealous! Your other finds were pretty to - like the shield and buddha.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Great w/d deal! I agree about buying both even if the old washer is still washing. You can sell it and deduct the amount from the sale price of the others (Or apply it to the brakes, and yes, it never stops!)

Great deal on the smoker. I gave TheHub one and it was the best gift I ever gave him for myself. We buy Boston butts on sale, have a gigantic smoke-a-thon, pull them and vacuum seal them for use throughout the year. We do the same thing with turkeys, so we don't actually use the smoker that often but when we do we smoke an unbelievable amount of food. If you don't have a vacuum sealer go ahead and get one because you are going to need it.

Elephant's Child said...

Of course you had to buy meat or Den would have smoked your laundry.
Excellent buys...
Why didn't he use your shield as an acorn protector?

Michelle said...

No smoking here, but holy crap woman! What a deal on the washer/dryer! I am so jealous!

Jill said...

You are going to love that smoker!!! Enjoy! We love ours :-) Great finds too!


rivulet said...

Elephant's child's comment about the acorn protector... hilarious! He totally should have done that.

Maybe I just totally missed something but are you referring to the buddah as "the little lady?" I will never look at a buddah statue the same now, thank-you, LOL

Awesome on the smoker! And wowwzers on the washer and dryer! What a great weekend!!! Way to go.

Jane said...

Sadly I didn't smoke a thing. But...what...no BUZZER on your dryer? Having a mini heart attack every time my dryer buzzer goes off is how I keep the ol' ticker beating!

Donna Freedman said...

DF is always smoking something. Let me rephrase that: He likes to cook meat on the Weber, and to smoke it rather than grill at high temps.