Tuesday, June 21, 2016

When It Rains, It Pools

This was a typical crazy weekend. Well, by our standards. Oh wait, by our standards its normal by everyone else's it's shit.
Den worked overtime all of last week. He's salary so no extra cash. Boo. He was dead tired by the time he got home on Friday afternoon. He works half days on Fridays. Anywho, since he was leaving for a fishing trip, he had to get a ton of chores done. One of which was my brakes. He finally found out what was wrong with it. It was a bad rotor.
How funny is that picture, it looks like a bucket is holding the van up.
We also got to work on the pool. It's been open a month and still not clear. 200 pounds of new sand in the filter and it was so much better. Wish we had done that first and saved our money. 
He then went about farting around with his fishing stuff. He was so happy. And I was glad that he was going. He will be with his mom and dad the beginning of the week. Wednesday his mom is heading home and a couple of their friends are heading up for the rest of the week.
We went to bed drained Friday night.

Saturday, Den made it almost one hour from home and then was rear-ended. Poor guy. And the woman in the Mercedes SUV that hit him was miffed that they were delayed going to their lake house. Yeah, its a good  there.
And in the middle of the call with Den, my doctor called with my blood results. I took the call only to have the doctor tell me my white blood cell count is good and then go on to say, I don't want to ruin your weekend but your thyroid is a not right and you could go into a coma. HA! Comas don't scare me. Not with the life that I have. I thanked him and told him, he didn't ruin my weekend. LOL but I had to go because Den had been in a car accident. He was really worried, I was like, this is a normal day for us.
Good thing, he fixed the van!!!! DJ and I drove up and we swapped the van and car out. It took a crow bar and a huge amount of effort for Den to get his gear out.
The bad news is Den never took down ANY information from the woman that hit him. If I do slip into a coma, someone please look after him. He won't make it! Seriously, do a wellness check on him.
How do you get into an accident and take down no information!?!?!? The thing is this is the second time he has done this to me!?!?!?!? He is going to get the police report on his way back from his fishing trip. Until then I drive a smashed car that I can't drive in the rain because the trunk is open.
On the way home, I told DJ I was scared to drive it fast because I didn't know if it was safe or not. He said it was stable but it was the noxious gasses that were filling the cabin is what I should be concerned with. Smart ass.

Den made it to the cabin and is now a happy man. Poor thing needs a vacation.
On Sunday, word had gotten out that the pool was clear(well sort of). And I threw a party.
What happens when Den is gone and I'm left in charge of the food? I order some pizzas, buy a tray of cookies and grab a bag of chips out of the cabinet.
It was an absolute blast. I needed some down time. The good news is I have leftover pizza and I'm not going to cook for a while.
How was your weekend? Did you get into a car accident? Did you go into a coma?
Sonya Ann


Treaders said...

Good Lord, I don't know how you get through it all. I'm glad Den wasn't hurt though, but bloody hell - not taking down the woman's details! That is something my ex would have done (or not done, as the case may be). And as for your blood results, I got some bad results last week too so I feel for you, although I read yours as how you were going into a "comma", but then re-read "coma" and I'm not sure which one is better. I hope everything is ok with you. But I'm glad you had that party - I guess you all needed some down time. Your weather looks lovely (and we're all in the throes of developing webbed feet here). So have fun, take care of your health, and don't be too mad at Den when he comes back. Anna

Practical Parsimony said...

I run quickly and get the tag number. I am always so upset that even though I do get all the info, I feel like I am going into a comma...read comment before this. That is bad news about the thyroid. Hope you are okay.

Elephant's Child said...

Thyroid issues suck. Sigh. You have all my sympathy. And empathy.
I am really glad that Den wasn't hurt in the accident. And, ridiculous as it sounds, would have been tempted to kill him for not getting the driver's details.
You definitely deserved your pizza party. And left-overs.

We are: Clamco said...

Never a dull day at your place. I don't know how you manage to keep it all together.

slugmama said...

Not trading lives with your 9th cousin.....Priceless! ;-)

When you go into that coma I'll let them know it wasn't caused by drinking.....because that's what everyone will think, but it's not that I'd blame you for it though, considering the crap you put up with.
And no I am not calling Den a crap.....I don't think......

Michelle said...

Glad you didn't go into a, "Comma", whew! Seriously, take care of yourself, woman!

A. Marie said...

No coma (not yet anyway), no car accidents (not yet anyway) and no thyroid issues (not yet anyway). I am doing good, so far. haha. You, however, totally deserved your pizza party. And a drink. Most definitely a drink. :)

Donna Freedman said...

Good grief. Who wants to start the betting pool on whether the Mercedes driver will do the right thing and contact you guys herself?

Does Den have a smartphone? Remind him that any time he's in an accident he should immediately snap photos of the license plate, the damage and, if possible, the driver if s/he is still behind the wheel.

Don't get into the pool by yourself, in case you slip into a coma. (I'm on thyroid meds and feel ever so much better. Hope your own fix is as easy as mine.)

Cheapchick said...

Yikes, you need some peace! A coma! If you decide to go that way make sure it is really dramatic (oh yeah and the hospital is nearby) because you need more drama in your life(NOT!)