Monday, July 11, 2016

Cheap and Free

I'm head over heels in love with my "new" washer and dryer. I can't believe the difference between the old ones and the "new" ones. I was living in the stone age. I look forward to doing laundry now even more. Yes, I love doing laundry. Yes, I need a help group.
It holds twice as much as the old washer did. I have been cheating and washing the lights and darks together. I haven't had a problem yet and the clothes still seem cleaner. Plus that is one less load each time I do laundry. Between using less water(about half what the old washer used) and doing 2-3 less loads a week, we figured out that we should save close to $150 on just water alone this year. Not too bad considering we paid $200 for both.
I've only had trouble with it one time. I may have gone a bit apeshit and added a few pillows, sheets and almost every towel in the house. The good news is, I found the washers limit.
When it is just Den and I, I only do laundry twice a week. With DJ home and visitors, I seem to be doing a lot more laundry. I think people are sneaking dirty clothes into the house just so that I will wash it all.
I wonder if the washer could get out raspberry stains? ;p
Our free raspberry bushes are at it again. The neighbor planted raspberry bushes years ago and never took care of them. His died and a few crept into our yard and seem to like us more than him. ;p To be honest, I don't like them much either. It would be great if they could hit the fence line with the weed eater once in a while. But no, they leave it for us.
Not too shabby, huh? I wonder how many raspberries it would take to make me like them? Lots and lots, I think.
What's new in your world? Are you cleaner than normal? Do you get free fruit? Do you have crappy neighbors?
Clean and yummy,
Sonya Ann


Cheapchick said...

MMMMM rasberries. For us we have invasive wild blackberries growing everywhere. If you own a large property it costs mucho money to keep it from overtaking. I love them however and every year go to an abandoned lot near my house and pick as many as possible. Weird though as not many do that. Free food people!

Practical Parsimony said...

I love free fruit. The April 27, 2011 tornado tore down the pear tree on city property where I got free pears. My friend who had free figs for me had it die on him. The pear tree the next street down had one pear on it last fall. If I knew where there were free raspberries or blackberries, I would be there in a heartbeat, chiggers be damned. No, I would spray myself very well or send exbf in there. I love raspberries.

Yes, I have crappy neighbors.

No, I am not clean. I have to wash three loads for each load I did before. This Hotpoint is going back. Nothing gets clean! I mean a cupful of water for three towels and a washcloth?

Elephant's Child said...

Mmmmm raspberries.
Bleah laundry. It never ends. Never, ever ends.

Alice Grainger said...

It's raining mangos in South Florida. I get them and avocados for free from my neighbor. Yum!

Jill said...

Congratulations on the washer and dryer :-) I miss our raspberry bushes back in Ohio..... and the strawberries, asparagus... *sigh*
Have a great week!