Thursday, July 21, 2016

Diabolical Cusser

Ahhhhh, it is so cute when Den and DJ fight. Den is more diabolical about it than I am. I can't control my temper to think it out and hatch a plan. I yell cuss words. Hey, I'm honest about it.
We have a one car driveway and its a tight squeeze. The house is on one side of the driveway and the fence is on the other side. Plus its a raised cement driveway so only one car can get through, no driving on the grass for us. DJ comes home late every night and blocks Den in. We have been parking cars in the front yard because there is just no place to put them. DJ either doesn't want to do this or is trying to tick his dad off. Den decided that he has had enough of moving his car every morning and hunting for the spare key so he got even. He put DJ's car in the front yard but he cranked the radio, moved all the mirrors, and set the power seat so that it was up against the wheel. It worked for a while but DJ is back to his old tricks. Den said that he is going to drive it to the back of the neighborhood and park it. Bahahahaha! It's just a matter of time. But knowing DJ, he would just swipe my van and leave. I'll have to hide my keys. I'll keep you posted. I think Den is on count down til the kid leaves for school.
Are you diabolical? Are you a cusser? Do you swipe cars?
Sonya Ann


Anne in the kitchen said...

This is very funny! I told my sons over and over to be very careful who you tee off in the morning, because she will be cooking what you hate most for dinner.

Janie Junebug said...

Your post made me smile. I don't know if I'm diabolical. My ex-husband says I'm evil, but he's . . . I won't say it. I'm a cusser, and my kids learned it from me. They have filthy mouths, and they have very large vocabularies. We don't have car problems. I live alone, so my car is in the driveway or the garage. When Willy Dunne Wooters is here he parks behind me. It's not a problem because he drives when we go to the neighborhood diner. If I need to drive, he will park his car partway in the street and partway in my yard because the roads in my elderly neighborhood are narrow.


Elephant's Child said...

Definitely a cusser. Occasionally diabolical. It *may* have been me who cleaned my fingernails (after gardening) with his toothbrush. And confessed before he used it.

Practical Parsimony said...

I am no cusser. However, when the meter reader decided to park in my carport while he read the meter, I parked behind him, came inside, and made him knock several times before I went to the door. Then, I told him I needed to get my shoes and coat and go to the bathroom. When I came back out, I motioned him to get out of the truck by pointing to the back of the truck so he thought something was wrong. I told him in no uncertain terms was he never EVER to park in my driveway or carport again. He was miffed and curt, so I called his supervisor.

We grown children would park behind Daddy, so that Mama had to sneak and get our keys so we could get our sleep. She had to rearrange all the cars. She told us to never block Daddy in. She said if we did, we would go out and move our own car at 6 am, no matter the weather.

Finally, the made the driveway longer and wider. They could park four cars from house to curb, side by side. Then, one car could park beside the house. The driveway continued through the back yard where they could park another two or three. They had three cars, and four of five kids parking there, plus one sil. I have never seen so much concrete in my life. But,it was nice.

Wake him up in the morning and tell him to move his car. Or, let Den drive it and not allow him to drive Den's. You take him to school or work. I guarantee he will not block Den in again. I am diabolical.

Michelle said...

lol! Sounds like good times at your house!

SAM said...

Yes-angry cursing comes out of my mouth and always regret it. DJ sounds like a bit of a pain right now-Den is within rights to be diabolical.

Jane said...

Kids these days...they think it's all about them!! Which it is of course but not in a good way. How about a spanking?! Not Den, unless you're into that kind of thing :)