Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Drinking Teacher

This was one of the best weekends Den and I have had. It ranks in the top 5 of our marriage. Guess what we did? Barely anything.
I took a picture of one of my baskets because I don't have much for ya. Friday, we pool drank. And DJ went to his grandparent's house.
Lettuce decided to grow in the basket and I didn't even plant it. I wonder if money will just sprout up randomly. If I get the seeds, I will share with you.
Saturday, we lounged around a bit. Then Den redid my brakes again! What is this like 6 times? He bought the expensive brake pads when he redid the brakes the first time and that was the problem. It wore the rotor unevenly. I hope this is the last time that he has to fix them That said, he can do a brake job in no time flat. I ran a beer deal at Jewel(buy a certain beer get $.01 bacon. Really, you can't lose with that deal!) and came back and he was taking it for a test drive. It's so much better. I said, he should get a job on a pit crew. He was not interested.
In celebration of my van being up to snuff again, we decided to run the beer deal again and pick up lunchmeat. And while at the deli counter, Anna called. I always get a knot in my stomach. But for once, she hadn't hit anything with the car but had wonderful news. SHE GOT A TEACHING JOB!!!!!!She interviewed for an assistant teaching job and as soon as she left, another principal called her and said that she was over qualified for the assistant job and would she be interested in being a third grade teacher. The man that she interviewed with called the other principal and said hire her now. She went to the second interview and already had it. She is now a third grade teacher in AZ and she starts on Thursday!!!!! I am so proud of her. Who would have thought she would have turned out!!!!! Den said its a bit scary to think that she is molding the minds of the next generation. Kids are tough and Anna is proof. ;p
Sunday, Den, DJ, myself and my inlaws went to see the new Star Trek movie. And it was awesome!!!!! I loved it and can't wait to add the DVD to our collection. I give it two nerdy thumbs up.
We came home and swam a bit and had sandwiches for dinner. How is that for boring!?!?!?!
How was your weekend? Did you see Star Trek? Did you eat sandwiches?
Sonya Ann 


SAM said...

Excellent news. Your Anna and my son must have been born under the same sign, or whatever it is. I have a love hate relationship with seeing his phone number pop up on my phone, and he's a lot older than her to still be making me nervous. Uneventful weekends are the bomb-and love that beer deal.

We are: Clamco said...

Congratulations to Anna for getting a teaching job! That's awesome! We saw the Star Trek movie on Saturday and loved it. We had been saving change in a jar and we cashed it in and got $40. $27 was for the tickets and popcorn and we had a coupon for an XL pizza that cost just $13, so that worked out really well. We also had a do-nothing weekend which was great. :-)

Jane said...

Congrats to Anna!! My saddest day was when Kazi said she didn't want to be a teacher. Sigh. But I'm so happy for Anna - Grade 3 aged kids are so much fun!!

Michelle said...

Beer, butter, and bacon....the three essentials of life. I live in a dry county, (if you can imagine such a thing still exists in our modern world), and must drive about an hour for any alcohol purchases. No beer deals for me :(

Congrats to your daughter! I teach 2nd grade and the ladies I teach with make all the difference. I hope she works with some great people. We have open house tonight and I think I need a couple of drinks before I go. Meeting the parents is always interesting! lol

Cheapchick said...

Wow~congrats to Anna! She finally got her break in teaching and once you are in - you are in! Now hopefully her BF gets a great job and they can start their life together on the right foot. Sounds like a lovely weekend to me - beer and 1 cent bacon? Can't beat that. We can't buy liquor except in a liquor store but maybe the liquor stores should give away the bacon as a freebie. We pay so bloody much they could easily absorb the cost. Maybe Den just likes proving he has man skills by repeatedly fixing your brakes?

Anne in the kitchen said...

Congratulations to Anna on her new job!

I am now composing a song about scrambled eggs, beer and bacon, or maybe I just think it has the makings of the next great CW hit.

Practical Parsimony said...

The expensive brake pads were disastrous for me! Congrats on daughter's job. I don't drink beer, but the bacon is a deal. I ate sandwiches all weekend except for salads for dinner. I wish I had someone proficient on brakes. Well, after I got rid of the expensive ones, I don't have problems--knock on wood.

Elephant's Child said...

WONDERFUL news about Anna.
And yay for a fabulous weekend.

Donna Freedman said...

That's great news! Where in Arizona will Anna be? Remember, I go visit my daughter there a few times a year. Maybe we could synchronize our mother-daughter visits and cause a disturbance in the force.

Sonya Ann said...

Donna Freedman-Anna is in Gilbert. And that sounds great but Den and I were thinking that our next trip would be to Vegas and she could drive out for the weekend to see us. I mean, why would we visit her when we could go to Vegas. LOL