Saturday, July 2, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite Person!!!

How did it get to be July already?? It should be what maybe February. But without the cold.
This has been a crazy week for me. I have been working on the car crap. I've been calling Allstate, dealing with the auto-body shop, and had to sort the rental. The good news is the woman that hit Den fessed up right away. Not that it would have been a real problem since she got a ticket but it would have made the process a lot longer for me. Hmmmm, I counting someone being honest as a good thing, something to go in the positive column. Yeah, its been that bad. The car is a lot worse than anyone would have guessed. There is almost $6k in damage. The floor panels are crumpled into the back seat area. Well, that would explain the shaking when you drove it. The funny thing is when she called it in, she told Allstate that all she did was dent the trunk. That took quite a bit to sort. I was ready for a fight but Allstate was cool about it. Even the body shop(we have a great local shop that has a great reputation and I was so glad that they were on the list of places we could go to. That is a plus!) was surprised, they were told it was cosmetic. At first, they thought it would take a week and then they pulled it apart and its way worse than expected. Twenty days at least. I'm now in a rental, a Jeep Patriot. Not a huge fan but it can take our messed up railroad tracks like a champ. The rental place was covered up to $25 a day but the Jeep was all they had so they were like just cover the difference because it would be an upgrade over what we were allowed. Den and I both said, "NO!" at the exact same time. My cheapness has rubbed off on him through the years. They worked something out so we aren't liable for the extra. Yeah, like I was going to pay money because someone hit us. They don't know me! Another plus is the damage is only about half the value of the car so if/when they find more damage, it will be covered. I told Den that I wished DJ's car was the one that had been hit. That would have solved some problems or maybe made more. Who knows.
I also worked on the yard and bought alcohol for the party. Me likey liquor. Hopefully everything will come together for the party and soon.  This party is growing at a rapid clip. People are like, "Hey, can I bring so and so." And there you go, you have over 50+ people partying at ours.
I did manage to screw up my ankle pretty bad which is making it miserable trying to get crap done. I rolled my ankle while at CVS. Yeah, its not been a great week. But I am still trying to shave some money off the bills and it seems that even though CVS's parking lot was after me, I still love it there.
So in honor of my favorite place I give you.............................................
Erica from I heart CVS!!!!! She makes it so easy to put a deal together. And it seems that a lot of the stores around here are having better sales. Yay so that is going in my plus column.
What is your favorite deal site? Do you do CVS? Do you have people rear-end you? Hahaha, I'm still an idiot.
Twisted moron,
Sonya Ann


SAM said...

Ouch on the ankle. My knee is crap again, so can relate. If I have people over, I'd rather have a bunch than just a few, my chaos seems less noticeable, and they can keep each other amused.I'll have to check Erica's site out. We have a CVS now but i have been unimpressed-maybe I need to know more.

Cheapchick said...

So glad that lady was honest and admitted hitting the car. Still getting into an accident is a gigantic pain in the ass. 20 days! That's terrible. I hope your ankle feels better and your party is Da Bomb :) Happy 4th

slugmama said...

Since you have a free car(wear and tear on the rental, not your car)for the next 3 weeks, after you throw your party you need to come see me in PA! I'll even let you drink my stockpile of liquor here and I can wheel you around the casino in a wheelchair. 8-)))

Anne in the kitchen said...

I use CVS regularly. I like the extra bucks and generally wind up getting some things for little or no cost if I use coupons also. (Still not as good as Sluggy with her Rite Aid shopping, but decent savings with less math)

Practical Parsimony said...

As I have said a million times, anyplace without an electric cart is not going to see me often or for long. However, I do like CVS, but for a deal, I will be fickle. Someone backed into me when I had a full-size car with fancy trim. The car rental would only give me three days rental, and I could not drive it out of the state. I am stubborn. It was a holiday and I was not going to have someone keep me in this state with some stupid rule.

The body shop said the car rental place gave them fits, demanding to know the damage before a car was off the rollback. The rental place threatened me about returning their car even though mine was not repaired. They said that I was stealing their car! I told them if they wanted their car to call the cops and have me arrested. I never heard another word.