Saturday, July 16, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite Person!!!!

I'm still here! I survived Anna! Ha ha. I needed a shirt with that on it when she was a kid. Damn, she was bad. She even admits to it now. Funny thing is she is becoming more and more like me ever time that I see her. We still say the same things at the same time. I tell her there is no hope for her.
Anna and Scott are in AZ and are going to be staying with his mom until they have jobs and can get a place. I told them that they need to get a 6 bedroom apartment because I have had quite a few people say that they were crashing with her for the winter. LOL, I think my inlaws called it first.
On the bill front, it looks like we are going to have to transfer the debt from the credit card to another credit card. No way am I going to pay interest on it. It is still making me crazy to have debt. The good thing is Den should be getting a small bonus from work. And I almost have the cell phones paid for so that will free up almost $100 off of the bills. And we should be getting back $700 from IL since we got the homestead credit that had never been applied to our bill. I'm hoping that it all comes flooding in at once and I can pay that bill off.
We got our nasty water bill, $173.06! That is for 2 months. I'm still dreading the electric bill. Let's not talk about the food bill. And let's really not talk about the liquor bill!!!! I had to laugh, Anna, Scott and all of her friends drank all of Den's expensive beer and they left him Pabst. She thought she was being generous, he didn't see it the same way. He's grumbling as he is drinking the cheap swill.
We finally got Den's car back. He took off early on Monday and we went to get the car and return the rental. Den opened the trunk and there was water on the carpet and then the trunk wouldn't close. The guy kept telling Den that "it was like butter before." Ummmm no, that's not butter, that's shit with corn in it. So the guy starts slamming it and trying to tell Den that it will sort itself after some use. Den finally got ticked with the guy and said, "I've put 10s of thousands of miles on this car and I know what it feels like to close the trunk." After the guy played basketball with the trunk for a while and it refused to latch, he decided that maybe the guys in back should take another look at it. Den refused to take the car. Loud disgruntled sigh. Den had to take off early the next day and we went back. Knock on wood, it seems to be sorted. "It's like butter." Seriously, that's my new go to phrase when something is fucked up. I do feel the need to point out that we actually don't say butter here, we say budder. Read it right from now on.
The house is ready for another party. My besties daughter and Aunt are having a pool party here. We have all promised Bek(she is turning 17) that we will get shit-faced in front of all of her friends. I live by example.
I think that I have accomplished quite a bit this week. Maybe I should try to accomplish going to the spa or something like that next week.
And our favorite person for the day is Donna Freedman!!!! Run over there and say hi plus enter her giveaway!!!!!! Looks like a great book and it would be even better if you won it!!! If I wrote that book, the title would be "Rude Mom, Drunk Mom."
What have you accomplished lately? Has there been butter in your life?
Corn poop,
Sonya Ann


Cheapchick said...

Hopefully Anna and Scott get jobs fast and that Arizona works out better for him. Nice to have his Mom there to help them out. You don't have to worry about her so much :) Also nice to have bills going down versus up. We are finally done paying the kid dole (child support then room and board) for Kid #4 as she moved out from her Boyfriends house yesterday and into her own shared accommodation in the city. I think she was subsidizing his life and will hopefully have more money now. She hasn't found a job yet but had 2 interviews and dropped of a bunch of resumes. Our last agreed dole payment is August 1 and her Grandma is giving her $500 for graduating so hopefully that will last her until she gets a job with her first paycheck. If she is short in September we will float her another month (but she doesn't know that - I guess we aren't just hardasses after all).

Practical Parsimony said...

My mother had a special place she hid things for Daddy, so the five of us kids and our kids would not eat it. It really ticked him off that he did not even get one bite of a cake she baked.

I just hid chocolate from my kids and husband.

She thought leaving the Pabst was generous?

SAM said...

Money continues to be tight-though I am controlling where I can, not including the meals out in New Orleans that were way above my per diem. It's rte based on per meal-not a lump sum and other than the two dinners that I went over about $40 combined, I did really well-probably saved the company over $100 of the budget. I'd settle for splitting with them, but no dice. We had an unexpected $900 cost-can't even talk about details I am so frustrated, and then balancing errors in the check book, and we are about $600 to the bad there. I think all sorted, but damn, starting August $1500 behind, not counting a budgeted driveway, than where we started.

Elephant's Child said...

It sounds like you have done a lot. Again.
My accomplishment for the week? Paying the obscene ransom and getting most of my photos and documents back from a scammer. Sigh.

We are: Clamco said...

My hubby and daughter are out of town at a convention. Hubby says it's a suck fest and he'll be lucky to break even. He's says he's planning on folding up his steampunk business in the spring, so that's our frickin' butter. :-(
While he's away, I took the blinds down in his workroom and hosed them off, washed the windows and steam cleaned the carpet. It's all fresh and clean for his return.

Practical Parsimony said...

It looks like you are turning out to be the go-to party My water and sewage cannot be lowered. I use 20 gallons each day, average. The minimum is 100 gallons each day. I still have to pay for 100 gallons even though I only use 20 each day.