Saturday, July 30, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite Person!!!!

Well, I didn't accomplish becoming independently wealthy this week. That is a bummer. How about you? You rich? But more importantly, if so, do you share?
I paid the $173 water bill and was not happy about that one. I know we used the water but still that is pretty high for 2 months. My besties bill was $160ish and they don't have a pool but have lots of visitors. I told her at least we can complain together. We always compete to see if we can get the bill lower than the other. They mostly win because their house is a bit smaller than ours and they have brand new windows. Lucky bastards.
The 0% interest is running out on August 3rd for the money that I borrowed for Den's car. I'll let you know what happens and what we do. I may need to run passed it by a few days. Maybe I'll win money before then and pay it off. LOL. I would probably need to gamble to do that and we have cut out all fun trips to the casino until its paid. And that was Den's idea.
DJ is going back to school on the 15th of August so we need to get everything together for that. Anna and I worked on everything that she needed for her first apartment the entire summer before she moved out. It was fun and we garage saled with the best of them. DJ is a slug and will get a wave of my middle finger as I drop him off with nothing. He is such a guy.
Did you accomplish anything this week? Did you pay off anything? Did you flip anyone off?
And stop over at That British Woman and read about all of her new house problems!!! I thought that it was only old house like the crap one that I live in that caused that many problems. I think that the ac problem would have ticked me off the most.
Have a happy and relaxing weekend! Do you have plans to save money? Do you have plans to spend money?
Sonya Ann


Practical Parsimony said...

You know that if you run past the 0% interest by one day you will owe all the interest that you have not been paying.

Is that just water or sewage, too? I pay $70 each month, paying the minimum that I don't reach. The minimum is 100 gallons each day. I use 20 gallons each day. I also pay the minimum for sewage charges. That is why my water/sewage bill is $70/month and I only use 1/5 of what I could for that amount.

A. Marie said...

Practical Parsimony is me, I learned the hard way on that one!! UGH!

And, I'll take your water bill and trade you mine. :) My stupid town that I live in had to do a TON of repairs to our water system. So, instead of charging the good townspeople a little extra each month for the past 10 years in order to then have most of the money needed to finance this ridiculously ginormous project, they decided to just sock it to us now. And raise our water bills by 50%. In April I paid $194.00. that was for a two-month bill. In May, I paid $95.00, June was when the city changed to once-a-month billing for the water bill (instead of the usual two-month billing cycle). I paid around $177.00. For a one month bill. I about had a heart attack. So, I stopped all outside watering of the garden and flowers. And managed to bring the bill down to $133.00 that I paid for July. The bill came that is due in August and it is "only" $123.00.

I am drowning in City water bills. And longing for a well!!!!

SAM said...

I'm not going to complain. We are on an every other month cycle of bill and I think we are about $110 average per bill.I guess living on the mighty Mississippi has advantages. Though we've had no sewer/street repair in 25 years so bet we are due soon for those costs.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Years ago thanks to our lovely county commission some very shady deals and exceptional financing agreements happened which left our commissioner's extremely wealthy and our citizens holding the bag.. (All the commissioners have served jail time. It was that lovely.) Now each month each of us get to pay for our water plus about 1 1/2 times the water usage for our sewer bill. How many times can I use the word lovely here? Our bills average about 200 a month . Like I said, just f*(&)&# lovely!

Practical Parsimony said...

The day I heard that the park, Visionland I think, was a reality, I knew your city was in trouble. I watched from afar. Your mayor was living way beyond his means.

Janie Junebug said...

That's a high water bill, and I don't mean it smoked a little somethin'. I paid some bills this morning and realized I didn't have one from American Express. I called to find out where the heck my bill was. I didn't get one because I don't owe anything. Go me! I'm keeping as much money socked away as I can because--barring inclement weather--I get my new roof on August 8. I have paid ten percent down v. the other company that wanted fifty percent down.


Elephant's Child said...

Our rates are due. I suppose I will have to spend the money. Sigh.

Sonya Ann said...

A.Marie and Practical Parsimony-Thank you both for being so worried about my bills. I am grateful for my friends that worry about me. I called the C.C. company and asked them about owing all the interest back and they said no it was an interest free loan and I won't owe anything if I go past the date. Thank you both so much becuase I could have made a terrible mistake.