Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

So how is your life? Between kids and cars, life is a bit not fun right now. When the kids were little, I used to look forward to the summers. Then I would get about 3 weeks in and think, fall isn't so bad. And then when they went away to college, I learned that there was an entire new world out there and Den and I got used to being alone and happy. Sigh, how is it we can love such frustrating creatures?
In about a month, I will be cussing and driving DJ back to college. Mind you, we have nothing for his apartment but a couple of spoons and a crock pot. I'm not stressing, well maybe a little but all I can do is ask him what he needs. He says, "nothing." And nothing you shall have!
I thinking that I am perfecting my condescending tone. We all need hobbies, right?
My favorite thing is having to pull once sticky and now dried cups off of shelves and furniture. It's a gift, really.
How is your summer going? Are you condescending? Are you sober? Are the people you live with shit?
Talking down to people,
Sonya Ann


Treaders said...

Ahh the joys of singledom. When OH first left people seemed to be worried I would be lonely. I was more worried I would end up like Psycho's mom, sitting in a rocking chair covered in cobwebs reading my book because that is my preferred pastime. Then when son no. 2 and his gf moved out everyone told me how unhappy I would be. Well I can tell you, sitting here counting all the money I am saving is making me decidedly un-unhappy! That and not having to try to stay upright at the weekends after a drink or 10 because no-one is there to judge me. Sweet bliss. Anna

Anne in the kitchen said...

After spending the week taking care of the granddaughter I am missing her laughter, but at the same time I am kind of enjoying the solitude of my house. (Is that wrong and does that make me a horrible grandmother?)
Now if it were not so damned hot I could be enjoying a cool beverage on the screened porch.
I am stealing the line from the "When I think of you " meme and using it as my personal mantra for whenever someone is bugging me.

SAM said...

So far, summer has been tame. Besides the dismal money stuff, the people have been fine. Daughter with her permit now wants to be able to drive every night when I just want to veg, but the better she becomes, the more freedom we'll have form car pooling her around later, right? and Anne-I don't think that makes you a horrible grandmother. Play, have fun, and then release back to their parents.

Michelle said...

Am mostly sober and picking up sticky cups, for sure. About to get back to the school grind. I hope none of my students cry the first day.

Jenny Woolf said...

Well i am sober at least. Is that good?

McVal said...

So you get used to the quiet, eh? My kids warn their friends about my cup picking up habit... If you leave a cup on the desk, my mom will take it. It's like having a magical fairy around!

Elephant's Child said...

Here on Tired Thursday I Think I would Throw a Tantrum is anyone was so foolish as To leave their dirty cups for me to pick up.
You are much nicer than me.

We are: Clamco said...

I was alone for 5 days while hubs and daughter went out of town for a convention. Usually I don't mind being alone, but this time I was sad. I didn't even mind cooking dinner for them when they got back. I've just been in a major funk about life in general. Things just don't seem to be happening for our little family the way we had expected and there's nothing on the horizon to give us hope that things will get any better.