Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Clean Yanker

Den made a new friend this weekend and he named him Buddy. I do worry about him at times.
We went garage saling on Friday and spent an entire $2.50. The books were $1 each and the basket and the plant, errrrrrrr Buddy, were $.25 each.
Den is now reading Mein Kampf. He said he is getting in touch with his German roots.
Saturday, we headed off to a neighboring town, Richmond. It is a quite and adorable town plus I had a restaurant.com gift card. Sigh, Richmond deli was out of business.
Anywho, we hit the Store first. I guess they couldn't think of a better name.
It is a typical resale shop, fun with a lot of over-priced garage sale finds. Hey, I never blame anyone for trying to make a profit. I even found two necklaces.
Next, it was a rummage sale sort of thing. No great finds there but it was fun to walk.

And since we didn't have a place to eat,  we went to Dog n Suds. It is one of my all time favorites. Yummy burgers and fried mushrooms. Don't ask about my diet. Or should we just call it what it is and the weight gain of 2016!
And because we needed to eat more, we went to Harvest Time Orchards. Who could turn down a fresh apple cinnamon donut? Not I!
As we were heading back, Den saw the Mattel outlet store and had to stop. Ok fine, we should probably walk off all the food we ate. Who am I kidding, we would need to run a marathon to work all of that off.
This was a letdown for me. It was not lower priced by any means. My frugal toy eye, might be out of the loop for a while but I could still tell that everything was priced about the same as normal stores. It's amazing that they can still churn out crap at a steady pace.
So our Saturday score cost us $7.49. We stopped by a friend's garage sale and she gave me the two cups and the toe thingy plus, invited us to a wine tasting and out on their boat. Den said it was our best garage sale ever. LOL. The coffee drink, the rice, and the Kashi bars were all free.
I'm really in love with this necklace. It has to be pretty old and is quite heavy plus the clasp is 14 carat.
Any guesses on the decade its from? Maybe the 60's?
Sunday, wasn't a fun day. Den went to mow and then yanked the cord out of the lawn mower. I told him not to yank so hard. He wasn't pleased with me or the lawn mower. That took a while to fix. And while he did that, I worked on cleaning up the game room. Moving stuff into Anna's closet. Cleaning the game room after everything was sorted. Sorting the tupperware cabinet. Dear Lord, I need to stop collecting containers. I recycled a lot but held some of the good but crappy looking containers so that I can sent Thanksgiving leftovers home with people and not worry about getting my containers back. I then did yard work. I pulled tons of weeds, rearranged a few things, cleaned the pool, put down weed killer. Basically, I made myself miserable and sweaty. Den did the same.

Den then made an awesome German dinner. He made German potato salad, Rouladen, and red cabbage. Maybe it is a good thing that he is getting in touch with his German roots. Roots taste good.
Did you have a good weekend? Did you eat roots?
Tidy eater,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

If Den starts goose stepping, growing a Charlie Chaplin type mustache and yelling, "Nien! Nien!", you need to start worrying.

Now I want a good Sauerbraten....or Dog and Suds.....sigh

Practical Parsimony said...

My goodness. Keep that man who goes to yard sales, shopping, mows the yard and THEN cooks dinner!

Elephant's Child said...

I cooked and cleaned (not enough) and gardened. Den is definitely a keeper, even if his Buddys are on the strange side.

Janie Junebug said...

I love the necklace. I don't think you need to worry about Buddy. A toad hangs out on my deck in the evenings. I call him Mr. Toad. We chat while the dogs do their pee-pee and poo-poo thing. A lot of outlets have stuff that's the same price as the regular stores. The word "outlet" has come to mean "good deal." I'm not sure what language that is. I did not eat roots. I'm sorry if that disappoints you.


SAM said...

I haven't been to s yard sale yet but should probably have one. Necklace is pretty cool.

Cheapchick said...

Did you tell Den that Buddy should have been in a car seat? What was he thinking just strapping him in...lol. Hey Mein Kampf is worth a lot as an antiquarian book. It is quite rare to find, especially if one of the first editions or editions printed during the war (there are some older versions reprinted). Just an FYI when he is done reading it you might want to research that and ebay it. Perhaps help with DJs college fund. A used bookstore may be able to help you price it. I checked on ebay and didn't see any copies that looked like yours but even if in poor shape it likely still has good value.

Jill said...

I love yard sales and thrift finds, so much fun. Those books are awesome, I know Hayley would love them too. :-) Great deals!


Hayley said...

As mom stated, yes yes I do love the books!
If that's a first edition of Mein Kamph you could have $250-$500 on your hands! Great finds
Hugs from Hayley xx