Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Crying Car

Guess what we did Friday and Saturday? Yup, car shopped. I HATE that!!! The frugal in me dies a bit every time we look at cars.
DJ needed something to go back to school in and we couldn't find a decent car that someone was selling. So we had to go to a dealership.
We drove around for HOURS!!! And Den made us look at Fords and of course, one of the best deals was on a Focus at that dealer. I reminded him of our Focus, I mean Fuck-us. Even DJ wasn't having it.
Finally, we found something that was the right price with payments DJ could handle. (He saved up some money and has a job waiting for him.)
So bright and early Saturday, the boys headed off to the dealer to haggle even more and trade in the Kia. We got a whopping $400 for it. And trust me, they got ripped off. Den said we would get $250 for it. DJ said $350. And I said $500. Blue book value for it was $1000 in perfect condition. That poor car wasn't even close to miserable condition.
I did realize while DJ and Den negotiated the price and the interest rate that they are almost the same person. I could feel the anger seeping off of them and at one point, I almost walked off. The guy kept "finding" better deals and rates after they blew up. The funny thing was DJ was the first to speak up most of the time.
And voila, DJ has a "new" car. It's a 2014 Chrysler 200. It has 78k on it but its a 6 cylinder. It was $3000 under blue book and they argued it down a bit more. He is so happy but is stressing over the payments. We sat down and figured his bills and he has 10 months saved so he can float a while even if the job doesn't work out. That worrying about the bills part, he might get from me!
Saturday night, our neighbor invited us over for a German dinner party but never told us the time. I figured it was at 6pm. Nope, it was 4 pm. No matter cuz we would have been late anyways but I had to give her a lot of shit for it though.
We were both so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open and we left after only being there a couple hours. I went home and took a shower and then realized I was hungry. So I called her. The conversation went a bit like this.....................................
Me-What are you doing?
Lauren-Having a party?
Me-It was pretty bad of you not to tell me what time to come to your house.
Lauren-I know, I said I was sorry.
Me-You should make it up to me.
Lauren-Oh for God's sake, what do you want?
Me-I'm hungry and you have German potato salad.
Lauren-You are a brat. Do you want cake?
(I can hear everyone laughing in the background)
Me-Do you want to watch DeadPool with me?
Lauren-No, I'm not watching DeadPool with you!
(More laughing)
Me-Do you want to cuddle?
Lauren-Something is wrong with you!!!!!
(She is laughing so hard at this point she isn't talking)
Me-Could you wear a low cut shirt when you bring me potato salad?
She repeats what I said and everyone is screaming.
She loves me and brought me potato salad. She didn't cuddle me though or wear a low cut shirt. 
Sunday we spent pretty much the entire day going through a lifetime of DJ's stuff. He is taking some of the furniture and taking some of his stuff. So we had to sort what was going, what was staying, what was being thrown out and what was being donated. He looked at me at one point and said, it's hard to believe that some people live in a mess like this. It was a miserable job.
And to be completely honest, it tore me up. I had to walk off for a bit. My time with DJ is spent. I so love this little guy. And knowing that this is the last time that I will ever have to sort his belongings and he won't be adding to any of the memories/keepsakes that I have saved through the years broke my heart.
So did you cry this weekend? Did you sort stuff? Did you make someone bring you potato salad in bed?
Crying a bit,
Sonya Ann


McVal said...

I have SO having you and Den & DJ of course go car shopping with Robb. He just browses cars and is perfectly willing to give them only the asking prices... And we can't afford anything... So I hate it.
AND any car we go and drive several miles to see a crap car.
And I hate taking so much time for this.

Good on you guys to get a deal on a car! WOOHOO!

Cheapchick said...

And that is the true reason you were putting off getting stuff for DJ to depart!

Anne in the kitchen said...

Ugh! Car buying sucks.

it is hard to say goodbye to our kids. Son3 is here for a few days and then we will not see him until Thanksgiving. I think what is hardest for me is knowing his career choice is not available anywhere near us so this is our last year being even somewhat in his life. Bummer!

Elephant's Child said...

Love that your friend brought you potato salad. Even if you refused to dress appropriately...

SAM said...

I wish we were closer-everyone goes to DH on cars in my family, even if they are not getting his make, from his dealer. He went with a neighbor when her husband was deployed to Iraq, and no way was he not going to get them the lowest possible options that would work for them. I get weepy regularly with each of DD2's concerts, events, etc and can't even imagine my tears at her confirmation and then her graduation in just three hsort years. Cry all you want-mom's are allowed!!!

Michelle said...

Way to go on getting a good deal on the car! I can't even talk about kids leaving....tears me up inside.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-I feel as if I should be paying you for therapy. You hit the nail on the head. I never drag my feet. It was a light bulb moment after you said that. Maybe I really do have issues. LOL