Sunday, August 7, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

I didn't even know that car-flipping was a thing. At first, I read it as car-tipping and was confused because I only thought that you could tip-cows. I need help, BAD.
This is an interesting read over at the Penny Hoarder, Car Flipping in Three Hours. Den's a car guy but I'm not sure that I would be willing to invest the kind of money that it would take to flip cars.
Have you ever flipped anything? Have you ever cow-tipped?
Sonya Ann


SAM said...

Reminds me of a former coworkers husband that kept buying Volvo's to fix and sell. They just kept piling up-I think four running parked in an alley,yard,and little drive behind their tiny city lot house.They could barely feed their kids but he'd come home with more parts that sat abandoned for when he was going to fix them
Did I mention he's her ex?

Practical Parsimony said...

I flip antiques. I go to a yard sale or estate sale and pick out things I want plus things I don't want that are priced well below their worth. Usually, I go that day to an antique shop, carry things in or have them come to the car and sell for more than I paid. Always, I make enough to cover things I bought for me, the gas, lunch, and take home money. These type sales netted me from $10 t0 $75.

One day, I was 50 miles north of home leaving work and bought a green male urinal from the 50s that still had a little gold sticker on it, never used. I paid a quarter. I knew I was going to take part in a yard sale in Southside in Birmingham, 50 miles south of me the next day. Less than 24 hours later, I sold it for $8.75.

At the same yard sale, I sold a dragon lamp with chipped seashells and worn paint for $3. I paid $1 for it to get the shade. Luckily, the light bulb was good. I profited $3, a good bulb and a lamp shade.

Cheapchick said...

Might work ok in a city or if you were mechanically inclined. I have never seen vehicles as a winning money proposition. Wouldn't work in our small town unfortunately. I make a small amount of money flipping things on Craigslist/24 hour bidding site but mostly just double my tiny 5-20 dollar investment. There is also a huge risk involved with flipping vehicles if you don't know much about cars. Just as easy to buy a lemon.

Anne in the kitchen said...

With my luck with cars I would never try to flip one! I would buy one and wind up having to pay someone to haul it off.

Michelle said...

Have never flipped a thing. Don't even have the energy.