Sunday, August 28, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

I think this is a business that I could do. Well, maybe. Run over to Penny Hoarder and read about how one woman made $1100/month growing microgreens in her apartment. I, at times, have a thumb of death for plants but still I might be able to do this. Maybe this is how pot growers get their start?
How about you? Do you side-hustle? You grow the green?
Sonya Ann


Practical Parsimony said...

For my health, I have been considering growing greens in my house. With my newly limited diet greens are going to play a larger role. I figured that if I bought anything besides a head of lettuce, I was going to spend $10/week. My main problem is how to keep the place warm enough without being too warm for me in my now limited space. Maybe if I could grow enough microgreens to make mine free, it would work. I have the shelves! Now, I need to think.

Elephant's Child said...

I am pretty certain that there is a LOT of work involved - or more people would be in on the act.
Or perhaps we are all just lazy.